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“I love so much your blog, I can’t wait to see your next articles which I shared all the time with all my friends.” Lori/ Reader

“To be honest, I am addicted to your site. You are doing such an amazing job, keep it up, we need more women like you!” Natalie / Publisher

“Technology can seem a very odd category space for women. But once you get to know Frederique you can’t help but be seduced by her enthusiasm for the sector and you find yourself asking her all manner of questions – like which Apps should I have on my iPhone or what is the latest sports training systems. Trust me she knows this stuff!” Jeannine / Blogger

“Where have you been hiding your blog? I love it and I’ve already shared it on my social media. I want to buy all your gadgets!” Sophie / E-commerce Director

“I think I’m subscribed to about 50 blogs but Women Love Tech remains my favourite. Great mix of femininity, technology tips and fun writing. Keep up the good work!” Emilia / PR

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