We all have an ‘old’ smartphone that we don’t use anymore. Maybe you just bought a new one or you’re planning to buy a new one in the few coming months? In fact 44% of us have an old mobile phone collecting dust for over 3 years! The easy solution to make fast cash with your old smartphone.

What to do with this old smartphone? Sell it.

I have the perfect Australian site for it. Bounce Mobile is a mobile recycling site where you can value your mobile, send in your phone for free via a return postage pack and get your cash in a couple of days. It’s as easy as that! Whatever your old phone brand is, such as a Samsung Galaxy S3, an Apple iPhone 4, an iPhone 4S, a Nokia E51 or a Blackberry Bold, your mobile phone is worth money! Bounce Mobile is your easy solution to make fast cash with your old smartphone.

“Households have  more than one working mobile phone not in use, which suggest 9,416,373* handsets are sitting in Australian homes collecting dust”.

The easy solution to make fast cash with your old smartphone

How does it work?

– Enter the make and model of a mobile phone for an instant online valuation.

– Place the mobile in a secure and free return postage pack, which Bounce Mobile sends to you.

– Obtain full payment within 48hrs once the mobile is received and inspected.

– You can receive up to $400 for a mobile phone trade in, depending on the year and model.

– All recycled full-working phones will be distributed to people in developing countries.

– Enjoy the extra cash!

Did you know

– Australians have just two mobile phones on average in their household.

– With approximately 8.9million households in Australia, this equates to 20,400,964 mobile phones!

To sell your phone today, visit Bounce Mobile website.

* Bounce Mobile Survey

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