10 Aussie Best Podcasts to Tune into Now

By Emeric Brard
on 7 September 2023

Women Love Tech has taken a look at the best Aussie podcasts covering crime, investigative journalism, parenting and comedy among others. We’ve focused on what will make the cut this year and what genres to keep an eye on.

Here’s our favourite 10 Aussie podcasts that will continue to win hearts and make the headlines.

1# Australian True Crime

podcast, Australian true crime

Hosts Meshel Laurie and Emily Webb delve into cases of truly disturbing and mysterious crimes that have occurred in Australia’s own suburbs through interviews with writers, victims, investigators and perpetrators.

2# Better Than Yesterday, With Osher Günsberg

Better Than Yesterday, Osher Gunsberg

Simple conversations making today a little better than yesterday. From politics to quantum computing, Osher keeps the conversations intriguing.

3# How I Work

How I Work, Podcast, Acast

Have you ever looked at actors, writers, musicians and thought I bet their daily routine looks crazy! This podcast explores the working days of some of the world’s most successful innovators to gain insight into how they structure their days and some tips and tricks on how to increase your productivity two-fold.

4# Short Black With Sandra Sully

Short Black, podcast

Sandra Sully, news presenter, journalist and editor for Syndey’s 10 News First, chats to amazing women from all walks of life about what motivates them, stresses them and what really matters.

5# Too Peas In A Pod

Too Peas In A Pod, podcast

Listen to Kate and Mandy laugh, cry and laugh some more over their own experiences parenting their children with multiple disabilities/special needs. They chat with each other and their friends, going through the many stories. Warning! A lot of laughter.

6# Art Of Decluttering

The Art of Decluttering, podcast, Acast

It happens to all of us. Sometimes we forget and our homes become cluttered and disorganised. Amy Revell and Kirsty Farrugia are here to help as Professional Organisers and they chat about how they keep their homes in tip-top shape.

7# Lemonade

Lemonade, podcast, Acast

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, right? Elizabeth Anile, journalist, writer, blogger, TV producer and mum checks in with a wide range of incredible guests to discuss their journey, what lessons they learnt on the way and how they got to drinking limoncello on the other side.

8# The Gays Are Revolting

The Gays Are Revolting

The weekly news source for the contemporary gays, full of bawdy lovemaking stories, trivial pop culture nonsense without all the “hetero hoopla.”

9# Aunty Donna

Aunty Donna

Another trio of hilarious guys who have somehow managed to pack all their absurdism, mannerisms and surrealism into one podcast. This one’s perfect for the whole family.

10# Loose Units

Loose Units

Based on the thrilling book, the podcast involves Paul and John Verhoeven delving into real-life cases deemed either too “surreal, brief or contentious to fit into the book”.

There’s a wide range of topics and genres to explore throughout this year with a few notable ones from our previous list such as ‘Better Than Yesterday, With Osher Günsberg’ and ‘Loose Units’ most likely going to make headways, but be sure to check out some of our new additions to the list with ‘Lemonade’, ‘Australian True Crime’ and more.

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