10 Incredible New Apps You’ve Never Heard Of

By Frederique Bros
on 3 May 2015

I’m always on the hunt for new cool apps, you know the ones you wish you’d created yourself… I did some research of what is hot right now in the apps world, and for you, I’ve selected the best 10 new apps you’ve never heard of but you will love to have. It’s a mix of different style apps, each of you will find THE app that will make your heart beat a bit faster (in a good way of course) between relaxation, music compilation, learning yoga, photo montage, animation, productivity or to-do list. No matter what you love or need now, you will find your ‘happy’ app.

10 Incredible New Apps You’ve Never Heard Of

Be Calm, Positive and Relaxed

1 – Pacifica – Free – AppleAndroid

Stress and anxiety can get in the way of you living your life. Pacifica gives you tools to discuss it based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, relaxation, and wellness. I love the daily quote – a great way to start the day.

10 Incredible New Apps You've Never Heard Of

Communicate With Animated Photos

2 – Lumyer – Free – Apple 

Lumyer is the new way to communicate with photos. It is the standard for contextual animated pictures, and the premium choice to share your emotions and express your creativity.

Yoga Practices That Fit Your Schedule And Skills

3 – Gotta Joga – Free – Apple

Get closer to your true nature with Gotta Joga – a new yoga app for iPhone. Their Nordic yoga classes are specifically planned to fit your morning, day or evening. These yoga app practices are perfect for beginners to more advanced yoga practitioners.

Create Your Personal Music Mix Instantly

4 – Pacemaker – Free – Apple

Pacemaker takes the effort out of mixing by adding the magic. Just pick your music from iTunes or Spotify, hit play and get into the groove! It’s like having your own personal DJ on your wrist, back pocket or lap. You can create your mix in a heartbeat for Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad.

Organise Your Next Move

5 – Sortly – Free – Apple

Sortly helps you organize your belongings into one simple-to-use app. Create a visual inventory of your stuff and easily search, manage, and categorize items. Plus, Sortly stores and syncs your data through a secured cloud backup.

Enhance Black & White Photos Like A Pro

6 – BLACK – B&W Film Emulator – Free – Apple

A unique, professional and accurate black-and-white analog photo film emulator. Apply precisely generated filters to make iPhone photos resemble some of the all-time best B&W analog films.

Create Automatically The Photo Album Of Your Travels

7 – ViziBook – Free – Apple

Prepare for your visit to Paris by selecting the best monuments, museums, bars, restaurants, shows and boutiques. Record your trip and share your visits with no effort! ViziBook automatically integrates your visits and their related pictures.

Messages, Calls, Text and Photos On One Page

8 – Talk0 – Free – Apple

A new way for mobile teams to communicate. Talko unifies messaging, calling and conferencing – anytime, anywhere, for the new style of work. It’s designed for your eyes, ears and voice – not just your thumbs.

To-Do List, Task Manager, Daily Reminders & Checklist Organizer

9 – Any.Do – Free – AppleAndroid

Any.do app captures everyday tasks, organize big projects and share lists with the people around you. From planning an awesome vacation to organizing a big project or sharing a shopping list with a loved one – Any.do makes it easy to keep your life organized in one place.


Access 15,000 Free Lessons Taught By More Than 1,500 experts

10 – Curious – Free – Apple

Curious has the skills you need to crochet a scarf, create a budget, snap the perfect photo, plant an organic garden, flirt in Italian or play guitar. They’ve found all the world’s best teachers so your valuable time can be spent improving yourself and the Curious method works!

Personally, I have two favourite apps. Black and White app, I love photography and with this app, you can transform a simple pic into a mini piece of art. Meanwhile, I have to admit I fell in love with Pacemaker because music is really important I just added a song that I love listening and boom the app compiles a mix. What is your new app crush?

Image Credit: Apple and Google

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