10 Incredible New Technologies You’ll See This Year

By Frederique Bros
on 27 February 2016

The U.K study Juniper Research has drawn up a list of predictions for 2016, all neatly wrapped up as the top trends for the technologies industries for this year. Let’s see in details what should we expect and how it will have an impact in our every day lives.

10 Incredible New Technologies You’ll See In 2016

2016 Strong Predictions

Juniper has identified 2016 as the watershed year for VR headsets, both in terms of product launches and consumer roll outs. Oculus, Sony, and HTC are amongst the leading players expected to launch key VR products over the next 12 months. The recent attention to and investment into virtual reality is helping to revitalise the industry and with major brand commercial launches imminent, there is huge potential for rapid market expansion.

As a result, Juniper expects significant VR uptake over the next 5 years as consumers benefit from a combination of improved VR technology allied to immersive applications, as well as reduced prices. Consequently, the technology is now poised to transform the entertainment industry, including gaming and video, over coming years whilst offering the potential to quickly expand into other markets such as industrial and healthcare.

The full list of our top ten tech predictions follow below.

1. Virtual Reality – a watershed year

Juniper Research has revealed new findings that wearable VR HMD (Head Mounted Display) headset shipments will approach 30 million globally by 2020, compared to just over 3 million in 2016. With technological advancements such as low latency and smarter graphics, coupled with the corresponding growth in interest from major players, Juniper Research has observed that VR is in a position that will allow the market to finally take off.


2. Consumer robotics becomes a reality

An array of consumer robotics models are expected to become available during 2016. The trailblazer in this sector, Pepper, was first released in Japan in June, with the first wave of 1,000 sold out in less than a minute.

Japanese robot

3. Wearables Go To Work

Technology has made it possible for employers to monitor employees more closely than ever, from GPS trackers for delivery drivers to software that tracks which websites office workers visit. Companies think wearable gadgets could open a new frontier in workplace analytics, albeit one that would further blur the lines between our work and private lives.

4. The race for 5G begins

The next generation of mobile technology, 5G, is beginning to take shape. KPN, Ericsson, Huawei and the research institute TNO are planning to test a 5G network in the Netherlands later this year.

5. Many devices, one platform

It’s likely that in 2016 there will be a significant acceleration of the trend towards cross-platform integration, reflecting the consumer desire for a ‘multiscreen environment’ with applications being available at any time, anywhere.

6. Blockchain technology embraced by financial institutions

UBS and Deutsche Bank are exploring models whereby banks could become ‘the custodians of cryptographic keys’ and use the technology to create a common standard for securities trading.

7. Hybrid console & cloud gaming gathers pace

Innovations by Nintendo (motion-sensing, off-TV play etc) are typically followed by other industry players; Sony and Microsoft already have cloud infrastructure in place.


8. eSports delivers significant new revenues for the games market

Several tournaments already offer multi-million dollar prize pools (typically crowdfunded), but with some now attracting online audiences in the tens of millions (the 2015 Gfinity Championships in London topped 30 million viewers worldwide) stakeholders are considering the introduction of premium streams. We expect this model to come online during 2016.

9. New security models emerge

Juniper Research expects that the business and consumer need for security across these multiple vectors in 2016 will begin the development of software security that relies on monitoring network activity for anomalies.

10. Crowdfunding Fires StartUp Growth

Crowdfunding, where people invest small sums in projects, be they charitable causes, local projects or businesses, reportedly reached $16 billion in 2014, and is expected to double in 2016.

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