11 Effective Tips To Improve Alexa Ranking

By Frederique Bros
on 5 August 2015

If you are a digital marketer, a content strategist or a website owner then you know the importance of high quality metrics demonstrating the power of your website. Alexa and Google are the biggest Internet references to measure your website traffic.

11 Effective Tips To Improve Alexa Ranking

Alexa is a public metric and it’s used by advertisers, investors, and partners. It’s a very important way to evaluate the value of your business. For this reason, improvements in your rank can make a real dollars and cents impact on your bottom line!

How Alexa Estimates Your Website?

Alexa’s traffic estimates and ranks are based on the browsing behavior of people in their global data panel which is a sample of all internet users.

Alexa’s Traffic Ranks are based on the traffic data provided by users in Alexa’s global data panel over a rolling 3 month period.

– Traffic Ranks are updated daily.

– A site’s ranking is based on a combined measure of Unique Visitors and Pageviews.

– Unique Visitors are determined by the number of unique Alexa users who visit a site on a given day.

– Pageviews are the total number of Alexa user URL requests for a site.

– However, multiple requests for the same URL on the same day by the same user are counted as a single Pageview.

Now let’s see in details how to boost your Alexa ranking. At Women Love Tech we improved our ranking by almost 40% in the last 3 months by following those tips:

1. Produce Engaging & Original Content

Updated frequently that provides real value to your audience. Content that strays from this motivation fails to build loyal audiences. When readers find resources valuable and informative, they engage with future content and share among their networks (link building), introducing new visitors that potentially turn into customers.

2. Install Alexa Extension In Your Chrome Browser

We browse our website daily, so there is best way to get our visits count for Alexa is install Alexa toolbar on your own browser or install Alexa extension in your Chrome browser.

3. Get More Inbound Links To Your Website

Get more related sites to link (inbound links) to your website. This tactic helps search engines clearly define your niche and also increases the trust and quality of your site. This tactic must be supported by producing engaging, original content, because why lead targeted visitors to your site if they don’t want to stay?

4. Link Your Pages or Posts On Your Site To Another

These are beneficial because they guide visitors through your website (i.e. website navigation), keeping them engaged with relevant and related content. They also contribute to site links, which are the sub-links that appear in a search engine below your main page link.

5. Find Keywords That Are Driving Traffic To Your Competitors

By doing a little keyword research you can understand what your audiences are searching for and how. In a way, keyword research is learning to speak your customers’ language in the context of their needs and desires.

6. Follow SEO Best Practices

SEO is a very important strategy that deserves a significant amount of your time and attention. But SEO is not just about improving the promotion and visibility of your website. It’s also about making your site better for your customers who use it to interface with your brand. Without a good user experience you have little hope of keeping or converting your customers.

7. Understand Your Competitors’ Marketing Strategy

There are several reasons why analyzing your competition matters, but in a nutshell competitive analytics puts your own site analytics into context. Thus, giving you a clearer understanding of what metrics are important, what strategies are working (for you and your competitors), and allows you to identify and anticipate industry trends.

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8. Claim Your Site On Alexa

Claiming your site on Alexa gives Alexa confidence about you that you gain control over the domain. It also gives them trust upon you. Claiming your site works almost like a verification process. So it is important to claim your site on Alexa to get your Alexa rank increased quickly. You can claim your website by Going Here.

9. Develop Your Social Exposure

Increase the social exposure in your website/blog by sharing your blog posts on various social media platforms this will not only increase your site  traffic but it will also increase your Alexa ranking!

10. Directory Submission

Submitting your website URL to good directories will also help you to give your Alexa rank a boost.

11. Commenting And Backlinking

Comment on the other websites with the same topics and that falls under similar niche to your website and create a backlink for your website. This will increase the backlinks to your website and backlinks are very crucial for increasing Alexa rank. Note it’s getting difficult to leave a web address in comments some see it as intruding so your message can be deleted.

Here a quick list of the best websites ranking on Alexa

– Apartment Therapy is ranking 623 in the US with over 53,000 links


– Reverb is ranking 1,280 in the US with 6,500 links


– Tillys is ranking 2,280 in the US with links 1,500 links


– Umbra (nice site) is ranking 144,208 worldwide with 920 links


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