11 Must Have Filters For Selfie Lovers

By Frederique Bros
on 9 November 2014

If you are a selfie lover but you think with these face close-ups people can notice your not-so-perfect skin? Easy fix. Facie is the Apple App with over 11 must-have filters for selfie lovers. 20,000 people already used this app and love it! This great app has filters to embellish your skin, erase dark circles, change the light or defocus the background.

Facie – $3.79 – Apple

FACIE is a fast and fun way to share exquisite selfies and portraits with the world. They created a unique collection of powerful filters and tools, entirely designed to bring selfies to perfection in seconds.

Facies’ Face Collection

Mix the magical Face Filters together and achieve the look you want. Apply different combinations of filters for each face in the picture!

– Pure Skin filter gives a uniform colour and smooth texture to your skin and removes imperfections and shiny areas. All this, in one tap.

– The Lean Face filter is breathtaking. Press it for a natural leaner look, just enough for a great feeling.

– Fresh Eyes filter is a must. Makes eye bags and wrinkles under the eyes disappear. Just like a great concealer.

– Divine Light filter shines a gentle pleasant light on your face and removes unwanted shadows.

– Crisp Details filter emphasizes eyes and mouth details for a sharp and neat look.

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FACIE’s Color Filters Collection

Facie’s Color filters smartly adapt to the skin tones and luminosity of the faces in the picture. Add gorgeous colours to your selfies with Facie’s Face Friendly Color filters:

Sunshine, Sand, Blue Peach, Black and white, Violet Rise, and Golden Brown.

Facie’s Tweaking Tools

FACIE also contains a set of smart Face Friendly adjustment tools including contrast and sharpness enhancement. You can even defocus the background of your selfies for a stronger depth of field in one tap!

Sharing ans Saving

Instantly share selfies on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp. No login is required. Facie also supports email sharing and saving selfies to your iPhone.

Customer Review

Just love all the filters. Even after a long week at work then partying all weekend I can take a picture & look superbly stunning!!! Thank you 😉

Image Credit: Facie

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