11 Netflix Shows To Watch In Honour Of Earth Day

By Emeric Brard
on 19 April 2021

Earth Day, on April 22, is all about celebrating the beauty of our fragile planet. Home to billions of species of incredible flora and fauna, Earth is a place of wonder that majority of us don’t have the luxury of exploring. So why not venture through its natural beauty right from home with these nature-themed Netflix shows?

From documentaries that scan the sea bed to the capturing of life up in the canopies and the clouds, here are 11 Netflix shows to watch for Earth Day.

1# 72 Dangerous Animals

The Earth is home to some of the most magnificent creatures, beautiful and delicate. But amongst the many species of animals lies some of the most dangerous as well. Available in three regions, 72 Dangerous Animals explores the likes of Australia, Latin America and Asia. Get ready to see nature’s more gripping side.

Watch the trailer here.

2# Absurd Planet

Absurd Planet, netflix

You’ve seen the dangerous animals that roam the Earth but what of the many quirky ones? Some we bet you never even heard of. In this funny science comedy, watch on as Mother Nature herself narrates the story.

Watch the trailer here.

3# Birders


This short documentary showcases the lives of both birdwatchers on either side of the US-Mexico border and the birds themselves as they travel back and forth each year.

Watch the trailer here.

4# Chasing Coral

Chasing Coral, Earth

The Earth’s sub-ground forests teeming with life and colour are dying at an alarming rate. In this series, divers, photographers and scientists attempt to uncover the reasons behind its disappearance.

Watch the full feature here.

5# Dancing With The Birds

birds, netflix

Step into the world of some of the world’s most majestic species of birds flaunting their moves and their feathers.

Watch the trailer here.

6# Into The Inferno

Into the inferno, earth

Ever wanted to explore the Earth’s fiery volcanoes? Into the Inferno chucks you right into them – not literally. Learn about some of the most explosive and volatile volcanoes from Ethiopia, Indonesia and even South Korea.

Watch the trailer here.

7# Night on Earth

Night On Earth, earth

The world at night is a whole different place. When the sun goes down, the nocturnal animals come out to play. Experience nature in a way you’ve never experienced it before.

Watch the trailer here.

8# Our Planet

Our planet, earth

Narrated by the wonderful David Attenborough, Our Planet explores the nooks and crannies of our mysterious Earth, from its sheer beauty to concerns of climate change.

Watch a full episode here.

9# Tales by Light

Tales by Light, Netflix

Go behind the scenes of Australia and North America’s talented photographs to see what goes into some of the most powerful images.

Watch the trailer here.

10# Win the Wilderness

win the wilderness, netflix

Six couples embark on a journey to survive in the harsh wilderness of Alaska. Who as what it takes to win it all?

Watch the full episode here.

11# You vs Wild

You vs wild - Bear grylls

In this interactive series, join Bear Grylls in making all the key decisions as you attempt to survive some of the harshest conditions that Earth has to offer.

Watch the trailer here.

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