11 Things About UberX That Will Really Surprise You!

By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 21 January 2018

Described as ‘affordable everyday rides’, UberX continues to gain ground on the traditional taxi service at a phenomenal rate. David Rohrsheim, Uber’s GM in Australia and New Zealand, brought the brand here from San Fransisco and managed its exponential growth, and along the way created tens of thousands of new jobs for partner drivers on the Uber platform.

Roy Morgan’s research

According to Roy Morgan’s research, the number of Uber trips taken across the country has increased to 3.8 million trips per month in August 2017, up from fewer than 1.5 million per month a year earlier.

The number of Aussies using Uber has more than doubled in a year, from 1.16 million, or 6 per cent of the population, a year ago to 2.69 million, or 14 per cent, now.

UberX Fun Facts

Here are 11 fun UberX facts you can dazzle your friends with …

1. Uber had its humble beginnings in San Francisco in 2009 after founder Garret Camp boasted to friends of an underground club that could summon a ride with the press of a smartphone button. Two years after realising the business applications, the company had US$44.5 million in funding.

2. UberX celebrated its ten millionth ride in Australia after just 18 months of operation.

3. Uber is already investing in driverless car technology. David says this is the way of the future and Uber aims to be at the coal-face. Plus Uber is working on a “flying car” project called Elevate.  

4. UberX is set to get even cheaper with the imminent introduction of UberPool which enables users to share rides with other passengers. “We’re in pursuit of a perpetual trip,” says David. “You’ll soon be able to have public transport prices at the touch of a button.”

The Uberx app 

5. Drivers earn on average around $30 an hour and can clock off whenever they please.

6. UberX is good for the environment by tapping into cars that are already there. “We just provide the software for the city’s hardware.”

7. Your behaviour when riding in an UberX car is also being monitored and rated, as well as the driver’s. David says UberX users are at their worst when using the service on Australia Day.

8. No money changes hands when using UberX. You simply register your credit card details online and when the trip is over you receive a receipt of the cost and details directly to your email inbox.

9. The same UberX business model is now being used in Australia to ride boats on Sydney Harbour and in other areas have ice-cold gelato delivered to your door. Expect even more products and services to follow.

10. ACT was the first Australian government to legalise and regulate UberX. A ride share driver pays an application fee, a vehicle inspection, and a fee for a police check.

11. Telstra’s broadband network has enabled UberX to expand here faster than almost any other new market.

For more information view the UberX website

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