14 Features You Didn’t Know About Your iPhone

Frederique Bros
on 29 January 2014

The iPhone is one of the world’s most popular smartphone and one of your best pet. But how do you really know your iPhone? I bet you there are many features you don’t know how to use or maybe you don’t dare to ask. Let me reveal you 14 features you didn’t know about your iPhone and I can assure you after reading this post you will enjoy even more your phone. Have fun.

1. Erase what was written

If you ever written anything that you want to delete instead of delete letter by letter, you can only shake your iPhone and fade

2. Write punctuation quickly

When you write an email, or a text message and you want to apply, punctuation becomes important. Tap twice the space at the end of a sentence and it will make a point and space for your next sentence automatically.

3. Type a number quickly

When you write a message and you need to write one or more digits , it can be boring by always pressing the function symbol to go to the digit, followed by ABC to return to the keyboard. Instead, you can always hold the digit function ( 123) and down while holding your finger down, drag to the digit you want to write. The keyboard will automatically normal afterwards!

4. Having a keyboard emoticons

Want to send small emoticons to your recipients ? Go to the settings of your iPhone, then ” General, ” keyboard”, “Keyboard” again, then ” Add New Keyboard “. Select ” Emoji , you will be able, when you send text messages, press the small planet down until you see the Emoji keyboard appear! Warning, these icons are not always compatible with other devices that are not iPhones.

5. Up a Web page quickly

When you are on a web page on your iPhone, you may have to slide down to read an article or any page. Made at the bottom completely, avoid you tendonitis in inch screen back to the beginning! In fact, quickly double-tap time at the top of your screen, and you will go up at the beginning of your web page. This feature also applies to text messages.

6. Type a website address quickly

When you type a website address, there, at the bottom of your keyboard, a touch “. Com” that makes your life easier. You need to access a website “.au” or “net.”? Hold this key and slide your finger to the termination corresponding to the address that you want to visit.

7. Direct access to a communication from your lock screen

Want to save a few seconds to enter your texts, tweets, emails or other messages? When you receive a notification, drag the icon to your notice as you would with your home screen. You directly to your notification! If you want to remove these notifications, drag them up with the new update!

8. Take a screenshot

You want to take a print screen of your screen? Rapidly and simultaneously press the lock button (located on the top of your phone) and your home button (the round button).

9. Put a call on hold

You’re on the phone with someone and you have information to verify or complete a discussion with a friend, colleague or relative who should not be heard? In this case, put your call on mute by pressing this option when you call somewhere. But if you want to be more professional, you can always hold down the function so that you can actually put your caller on hold.

10. Forward or backward in a video more precisely

When you watch a video on your device, it may be somewhat difficult to walk through it with accuracy. You want to fix this? Hold down the small dot in the scrollbar video and slide your finger down while holding your finger down. You can move forward or backward half, quarter or eighth speed. Something to be quite accurate!

11. Take a picture when shooting video

When shooting video, you have a small camera button that appears next to the record button. Want to take a photo while you’re shooting? You only have to press this button.

12. Scientific calculator

Want more advanced features of your calculator? Put your iPhone on its side, it will now go into scientific mode. Also, if you make a mistake, you simply slide your finger from left to right or from right to left where the numbers appear, erasing one by one past your keystrokes!

13. Custom vibration

The new update iOS7, you can decide yourself how your iPhone will vibrate. You only have to go to “Settings”, “Music”, “Ring” and “Vibration” where there is the “Customize and create your new vibration” option. You can then choose the type of vibration you want for your device.

14. Relaxing music

Want to listen to music to relax and sleep at night? Put the odds in your favor! Go to the “Settings”, “Music”, “EQ”, then select the “Late Night” option. This feature mutes the sounds of low and high frequencies, making your music more relaxing … Depending of course musical group!

Obviously, depending on the version of your device, some features may change. It remains that this device combines multiple interesting features! So? Have you learnt one tip or two?

Images: Apple & Google.

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