1stAvailable: the Easy Way to Book a Doctor Appointment

By Frederique Bros
on 12 October 2015

Getting to the doctor can be tough. It’s easy to forget about regular checkups when you’re already trying to balance work, kids, activities and social life, and many of us are guilty of powering through the workday, even when we’re sick! But now, there are new ways to easily fit your next doctor’s appointment into your life and start taking charge of your health.

1stAvailable The Easy Way To Book A Doctor Appointment

We all know it’s important to be healthy – you exercise and try to eat right, but when it comes to getting to the doctor, we often ignore our symptoms and only go if there’s an emergency. Now, one app is trying to change that.

1stAvailable – Free – Apple – GooglePlay

1stAvailable makes it simple and convenient for patients to book with the doctors and specialists they want, at any time of day or night, from any smart device, for free. That means you can find a doctor and book an appointment, even if the office is closed. No more waiting or worrying about calling back during hectic business trading hours.

It’s an idea that seems to be resonating with Australian patients. Three million appointments have been booked through the 1stAvailable platform so far. Last month saw more than 92,000 appointments booked, compared to a little over 3,500 at the same time last year.

1stAvailable’s Managing Director, Klaus Bartosch, says being able to book at any time of day empowers patients to take charge of their healthcare and creates opportunities to catch symptoms earlier – a lesson he learned when he used 1stAvailable to make the appointment that led to an early cancer diagnosis.

“In 2013, I booked an appointment at 9:30 p.m. to see my doctor. I was seen the next morning and ended up accidentally discovering I had Leukemia,” said Bartosch. “I am totally fine now thanks to my own company’s service. It is this very type of early intervention that makes us passionate about what we do.”

“Now, Australians have a simple solution that makes it easy to stay on top of what should be their top priority – their health and the health of those they love most,” added Bartosch.

1stAvailable can be used to book everything from a script refill to a specialist consult. And as we’ve just celebrated World Mental Health Day, now is a good time to book in and start taking charge of not only your physical but also your mental well-being!

Images: 1stAvailable

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