20th Anniversary Of The Telstra Business Women’s Awards

Frederique Bros
on 4 June 2014

Telstra recently invited me to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Telstra Business Women’s Awards. This prestigious award is the longest standing national business awards program for women in Australia. Twenty years ago the Awards encouraged women to break through the glass ceiling; today they play an important role in encouraging gender equality in business in Australia.

20th Anniversary Of The Telstra Business Women’s Awards

Facilitated by Melissa Doyle the panel comprised five Telstra Business Women’s Awards alumni:

– Elizabeth Broderick, Australia’s Sex Discrimination Commissioner

– Louise Herron, CEO of the Sydney Opera House

– Rhonda Brighton-Hall, Executive General Manager Organisational Development of Commonwealth Bank

– Jodie Fox, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Shoes of Prey

– Cynthia Whelan, Former Chief Executive for Barclays in Australia/New Zealand; current Group Managing Director of Strategic Finance at Telstra

Highlights of The Panel

– Gender equality in Australian business, we’ve come from a long way in 20 years and still  a lot to do in in this department.

– Sexual harassment does still exist in the Australian working place, and young women should step forward for themselves

– More and more women started a business in Australia, sometimes with a budget of only $5000.

– Women are really good as entrepreneur, and we do really more of them.

– It’s time to change the social patterns, for example parents need to share the same responsibilities with their kids.

– Educated kids at a young age, the gender equality and responsibilities.

– The right to choose the length of the maternity leave.

– We need to create more mentoring and sponsorship between entrepreneur women.

– The young generation seems to be more open than the old one, in terms to see women at responsibilities positions or earning more money than men.

– Parents should be the guides to educate young girls into strong future women.

Telstra’s Business Awards

The Awards provide a connection between brilliant business women and Australia’s future, both raising the profile of the successful women and giving them an opportunity to grow their networks, share ideas with their peers and women outside their sector and encourage generational mentoring.

A panel of leading Australian business women shared their views on the changes that have occurred for women, what still needs to be changed and most importantly, how these changes can be achieved.

The Telstra Business Women’s Awards provide finalists and winners across Australia with recognition for their achievements, networking opportunities, increased business profile and a share in a total prize pool of more than $650,000.

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