Therabody – Using Smart Technology For After Your Workout

Pamela Connellan
on 1 December 2021

Many of us are back at the gym and while it’s nice to be there you do need to make sure you take it a bit easy when training. If you’re back to lifting more weight or moving differently to what you have in months, it’s likely your muscles will be feeling tighter and possibly your aerobic capacity and muscle mass have diminished. This is where a product like the Theragun from Therabody can help.

After a strong workout, we can sometimes have sore muscles in the 24-72 hours following the activity and this is known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Or we can have mild soreness after a muscle workout which is not uncommon. The thing to remember is, ignoring the pain and the inflammation is not a good idea and can sometimes result in more soreness down the track.

Therabody is a global tech wellness company which was started by its founder – Dr Jason Wersland – after he had a traumatic motorcycle accident. Dr Wersland was a practising chiropractor and so after his accident, he searched for a way to handle the intense pain he was suffering. When he couldn’t find anything on the market which helped, he started designing a makeshift tool to massage the painful area and without him actually knowing, he was creating the first Theragun.

These days, Therabody has a range of devices which use smart technology to relax the body and reduce inflammation – a simple way to do your post-workout recovery.

Therabody now works with some of the world’s foremost physical therapists, trainers, engineers and scientists at every stage of our product development. The Theragun which is on sale now would have been impossible to make ten years ago but now this quiet tool uses vibrations in rapid burst of pressure on the muscles – it’s called percussive therapy. The pressure from the Theragun is impossible to replicate by human hands so no massage therapist you go to can give you the same treatment the Theragun does.

As Dr Wersland says: “I created Theragun Percussive Therapy to help people feel better naturally when they weren’t in my care. Looking back, Theragun Percussive Therapy was a catalyst for a bigger mission. I’m proud to say that Therabody is committed to providing natural solutions that work.”

There’s also a Therabody app which works with the Theragun, giving you details of different workouts you can do with the Theragun for different areas of your body. Dr Wersland says they developed the app as well as Therabody University and the Therabody podcast so there’s a lot more education about how to use these tools.

Theragun Elite
The Theragun Elite from Therabody.

Therabody provides a lot of information

“For too long, inaccessibility has prevented health and wellness from being something truly for everybody. That’s why education is central to Therabody. A solution people don’t know how or when to use is hardly a solution at all. Our Therabody app, Therabody University, and podcast are part of our focus on education, which we hope will help you come to your own understanding about what wellness routines, methods, and mindsets work for you,” says Dr Wersland.

You can also look at the Therabody website for different routines including: work from home routine, workout of the day, golf, running, cycling and tennis.  Or if you’re really serious about it, you can do some fully accredited courses on how to use the Theragun at the Therabody University here.

The Therabody University has live virtual courses to learn about dynamic exercises, open-format Q&As and real-life case studies. Each course is specialised to your profession’s specific needs and considerations and the courses include: Theragun Performance Specialist Course (201); Theragun Licensed Massage Therapist Course (202); and the Theragun Practitioner Course (301).

Here are some of Therabody’s products to take a look at:

  • The Theragun: used by athletes, celebrities and everyday people around the world, this quiet tool uses vibrations in rapid bursts of pressure on the muscles. With 6 clean attachments you’ll be able to help muscle recovery, release stress and soothe discomfort.

  • The Wave Duo: this portable vibrating roller can help increase blood circulation to the muscles and connective tissues. With five vibration frequencies and high traction wave grooves to deliver the right angles of pressure, it relieves soreness and improves movement.
Therabody Waveroller
The Wave Duo from Therabody can relieve soreness.
  • The PowerDot Uno: this portable, hands-free device is a compact muscle stimulator which uses electrical stimulation to move targeted muscles, causing them to contract and release, improving blood flow, muscular strength and endurance.
Therabody Powerdot Uno
The Powerdot Uno from Therabody uses electrical stimulation to move targeted muscles.

For more information, visit Therabody here.

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