3 Easy Tips To Avoid Technology Ruining Your Life

By Frederique Bros
on 24 February 2016

iPhone, apps, videos, YouTube, Facebook. Twitter. These are just a few of the marvels technology has brought us.

3 Easy Tips To Avoid Technology Ruining Your Life

Technological advancements have changed the world in the last half-century, in ways our grandparents and great grandparents could have never imagined. We can cross the globe in under a day, we carry entire libraries worth of information around in our pockets, and we can have virtually all of our necessities delivered straight to our door.

With everything we need just the push of a button away, what’s the point of even going outside?

“Modern technology is helping raise an entire generation of kids quite literally attached to screens.”

Modern technology is helping raise an entire generation of kids quite literally attached to screens, having never known anything else. This is worrying in plenty of ways: The smartphone phenomenon is so new, there’s no way for us to really know how hours of daily screen time affect a child’s development, social skills, and general outlook on life.

Every day we text, tweet, facebook, snapchat, and email our way through life. Work-life balance and appreciation of leisure time have been destroyed because we can sign on from anywhere, at any time. Anything we could possibly want to read or watch can be downloaded or streamed without us so much as getting up off of the couch.

But, in the end, isn’t it the tech industry’s job to make things faster, easier, more convenient?

A level of social and moral responsibility should certainly be expected, particularly when creating products known to be addictive to users but it would be silly to curse the miracle of technological progress just because we’re all spending too much time indoors.

So, maybe, the responsibility lies with us: To use technology for good and be conscious enough to recognize when it comes at a cost to our physical and mental health—to be active in keeping modern tech from controlling all aspects of our life.

3 Good Tips:

1. Monitor your social media usage

How much time do you spend on social media daily? If it’s more than a few minutes, it may be too much. Consider making certain parts of the day social network free, whether that be during your morning coffee or while relaxing at night.

2. Actively Plan Work Time vs. Leisure Time

While this is especially important for the self-employed, this applies to anyone and everyone: Leave work at work.

3. Get Outside As Much As You Can

Find out what your city has to offer. Connect with your loved ones and with nature and, for the love of all things, keep your smartphone in your bag.

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