3 Fitness Apps To Save Money On A Gym Membership

It’s no secret – I love to work out. I’ve gone through many stages with my fitness regime, including spending loads on gym memberships, personal trainers and classes. With the shift in technology and also people being more money conscious (including myself), there has definitely been a spike in the idea of working out at home.

No that my gym days are over, I’ve been on a mission to find the best ways to work out at home either cheaply or for free! I tested three fitness apps to find out which one works best for someone wanting to keep their fitness levels up without breaking the bank.

3 Fitness Apps To Save Money On A Gym Membership

Daily Workouts – Free/Upgrade available for $4.99

Overall this is a very basic app, with simple graphics and minimalist functions. It has a budget look and feel using it, however it still makes a great workout app.

It features three main time settings; 10, 20 and 30 min, you can target a specific area of you body; arms, legs, core or whole body and you can also customise your own workout.

It is very easy to use and the workouts are simple and fool proof to follow, even for beginners.

There are personalised functions to further your development and also set reminders so you can hold yourself accountable!

The main difference between the free app versus the paid app is 5 more targeted workouts to choose from.

This app is for someone wanting basic workouts with easy to follow instructions.

Nike+ Training Club – Free 

This was my favourite workout app for a long time.

I love the Nike feel that it has, great graphics and of course the fact that it has women trainers from around the world to guide you through. I like the variety of training with someone new every time!

Set up your profile up before you get started and start earning your Nike Fuel points to see how you stack up against people around the world.

Save your much loved workouts in favourites to create a shortlist of moves that get your blood pumping!

Creating your own specific program is four clicks away – this is great once you get to know what style of training you like.

There is a ‘Sport Feed’ to keep you updated on what other Nike heads are doing and how they are training. These are definitely more advanced workouts, however they are still broken up into beginner, intermediate and advanced.

This app is definitely for someone wanting to take their training to the next level and has some basic gym equipment at home.

Bodyweight Training – You Are Your Own Gym – $3.79

I heard about this app from a friend, they recommended it because you don’t need any equipment which is perfect for a home gym space.

This style of training is whats used in the special forces and is taught by instructor and author Mark Lauren. Its just you and your body weight against gravity using everyday household items.

Choose from Guided Programs (Personal Training), Quick Workouts (No Equipment, No Excuses) or Premium Videos – You can also buy video value packs for an extra cost. Alternatively browse through the singular exercises by muscle groups or progressions.

You can edit the timed sets to suit your needs and also choose a playlist from the music you have stored on your device.

This app is for someone interested in body weight training and wants to increase their physical strength and work on particular manoeuvres i.e. flagpole etc.

Each of these apps offers a similar concept, however they cater for different styles of training. I’d love to see where technology will take the idea of a home gym next, who knows we might all end up with holographic personal trainers in our own home!

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