3 Tips To Maintain A Healthy Long Distance Relationship

Frederique Bros
on 31 August 2013

Long distance relationship has always had the perception that it would not work. However, some relationship experts disagree on this. For them, having a successful long distance relationship is possible as long as both partners involved understand what needed and devoted in functioning communication. 3 tips to maintain a healthy long distance relationship

If you are contemplating a long distance relationship or succumb to one without much of a decision, don’t be stress-there is help on the way. Here is a method to maintain a healthy long distance relationship.

1. Use the phone and other communication methods

Though calling abroad is a bit expensive, you should not ignore the power of calling your love ones through the use of phone.  It is one of the most important things you can do to make a long distance relationship work.

Assuming that you can’t reach each other on the phone, then you can use other sources like using Skype video chat calls or any VoIP service. If you do not have a webcam yet, better you get one! And I am pretty sure you will not regret it. Text messaging, email and IM will also do.  With such busy lives along with numerous commitments you have, we could really say that it is easy to ignore communicating in a long-distance relationship. But if you really want to keep the love going and present, then it is important to maintain contact and to be in each other daily lives as much as possible. With these communication methods, you can guarantee that you and your partner can keep your relationship at close in spite of the fact that you are far from one another.

2. Challenge the distance and do things together.

Beside phone calls, it is imperative you do couple of things together. Yes, we have to admit that in a long distance relationship, interaction via telephone calls can be dull in the long run. Look for creative ways to bond; why not watch movies or TV shows at the same time together? Play a game? Sing karaoke together or practice common interest together, even if it means doing them apart. Just think, even a relationship in short-distance do not spend their time together just talking, rather do things they enjoy with each other.

3. Avoid Jealousy and be Trusting.

Avoid getting jealous when your partner decides to go out for a drink with people you haven’t met or if your partner didn’t get back to you right away when you called and left a message. Let us not fail to remember that in any relationship, trust is the key. Not just because you are in a long distance relationship mean your live will pause. You should both maintain your social activity and be happy with yourselves.

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