4 Ways to Ensure Your Communication is Kind Online

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 4 August 2020

Communicating online can be a minefield, but here are some different techniques you might like to consider to ensure you are being positive and kind:

Steps to Good Letter and Email Writing

There are a number of steps to writing a good letter or email to someone. First read and analyse their letter or email, then ask yourself ‘what does the writer want?’ and ‘what can we offer them?’

Then you might like to create a mind map of the alternatives or bash out a quick first draft. At this point, you might like to grab a coffee, pop out for lunch or just go for walk around your office building. When you come back, check your email or letter for accuracy. Make sure that the sentence order makes logical sense and flows well.

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Communicating online can be a minefield, remember to be positive and kind

For the final proof-read, you might like to have one or two other people check your writing. Double check any difficult words and spell out in full any acronyms. You may like to consider changing phrases or using Plain English language. Make sure you also check spelling, grammar and punctuation (or make use of these features in MS Word, Google Docs and Grammarly).

Kind Communication Checks

You might like to ask yourself a couple of questions before writing something online or talking to someone in person:

  • Does it need to be said?
  • Does it need to be said right now?
  • Does it need to be said by me?

If you are the midst of a difficult conversation or situation, it might be good to take a step back or take some time out to reflect or journal. You might even like to workshop or practice what you want to say with a close friend and ask for constructive feedback.

Another work colleague of mine likes to write down her ideas in her journal. She asks herself the following questions about a situation: ‘Is it true?’, ‘Is it kind?’ and ‘Is it necessary?’

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Tips for communication online
Tips for communication online

Kind Communication Style

Businesses are encouraging their staff members to use a conversational writing style. Here it is best to use short sentences (with less than 23 words) and uses simple everyday words. This type of writing discourages the use of slang and technical language. Try to also avoid clichés and buzzwords.

Conversational writing style aims to be precise and accurate so that the individual can read something that is personalized to their needs but is also concise enough that they receive all of the vital information they need in a timely manner.


Kind Communication Tone

Workplaces are encouraging staff members to use a positive tone with an active voice. You’ll need to ensure that you use empathetic and friendly language. Empathy is all about acknowledging how the other person feels, and using that ability to understand and turning the communication into a productive or positive outcome for both parties.

Please leave a comment and tell us how you try to be kind with your communication?

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