5 Apps To Help You Live A More Sustainable Life

By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 27 July 2020

Making your life more sustainable can be made so much easier with our phone apps below. They do everything from reminding you about the dos and don’t’s of recycling and how to reduce waste at meal time.

our planet
Help protect our planet with these sustainable apps


Recycling is important but complicated. So check out the iRecycle app to uncomplicate it with the latest information from Earth 911‘s database, this app will provide you with the information you need.  Covering a range of topics and answering questions from How many times can something be recycled? To what do you do with things like batteries, electronics, and plastic bags that would otherwise go in the trash.

No Waste

Are you often repurchasing goods that are already in your fridge? If the answer is yes check out this food inventory app No Waste It will help you keep track of everything in your kitchen—and its expiration date—to keep you from buying more than you’ll eat. Yes, it takes time to input everything but once you have it up and going then it’s relatively easy to use.  The app also lets you manage grocery lists and meal plans, and sends you a notification when something is about to go bad to cut down on food waste. According to the app, you can save up to $1,000 annually and waste fewer hours in the grocery store each year just by keeping better track of what you already have.


Jeff Kirschner created Litterati to encourage people to clean up the world bit by bit, every day. Every time you pick up trash, you can log it into the app to help build out a comprehensive global database that’s helping companies better package their products and communities better handle their waste streams. It will make you mindful not to litter and the planet will thank you.


Perfect for helping you bring down your carbon footprint. Step one: Calculate your carbon footprint on Oroeco. Step two: Bring it way down. This app provides easy, personalised tips that can help you make your lifestyle less taxing on the environment. You can sync it up to Mint so it automatically updates with every purchase you make, or connect it to Facebook to challenge your friends and see who can reach the lowest score.


This digital green community is constantly being updated with little tips and challenges to get you to make every aspect of your routine more sustainable. Joulebug is useful for all levels of greenies from beginners to pros, and it gamifies environmental action to get users addicted to doing good.

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