5 Apps To Help Get Creative On The Ipad Pro

By Sadie Archibald
on 5 April 2021

The new Ipad Pro is equipped with an apple pencil. This precise pencil can magnetically attach to the Ipad and sets the standard for drawing, note taking, designing and marking documents using technology. It is easy to use with pressure sensitivity, imperceptible lag, and support for palm rejection. With technology becoming more embedded into our lives, creativity can also increasingly be combined with technology.

Here’s 5 awesome apps to use on the Ipad and get the creative juices flowing when inspiration strikes.

Ipad Pro

1. Procreate

This app has won numerous awards including 2018 app of the year. It has an extensive range of art tools to create drawings, beautiful paintings or rich animations. A portable art studio with a range of unique features and intuitive tools. When using the apple pen, it can feel like you are drawing on paper or painting on a canvas. All while using top range technology. It is very smooth and easy to use, with a range of tools and features for endless creative potential.

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2. Canva

Canva has thousands of stunning design templates and images to design with. Their mission is to empower the world to design anything and publish anywhere, whether it’s a wedding invitation, flyer, poster, infographic, t-shirt, social media post . You can take control of your brand and design your own features to your taste while looking professional. No design experience is needed because Canva has taken care of the hard work and made their tools easy to use and accessible. Agenda lists and even infographics can be added to backgrounds for a more practical use-case. Whether it be used for work related reasons or to just get creative, it is an amazing and fun app to get inspired and is easy to use on the Ipad Pro by using the pen to drop, drag, draw or design with.

Canva, creativity, Ipad

3. Paper By Fifty Three

Whether it painting, drawing or sketching bring your ideas to life with Paper by 53. You can add multiple photos to a single page to move around or draw on, cut and shape if you want to make collages. It also has a bunch of creative prompts and how to’s if you need a kick start to dive into your creativity. Paper can be used on the go, and you can organise your ideas or art into beautiful journals across devices to show a process or creative flow, picking up ideas where you left off.

paper, app , creativity, Ipad

4. Photoshop Sketch

Created by Adobe, this app is like the desktop version of photoshop so you can get creative with adding layers, merging, stacking and altering images. It has 14 tools to work with the Apple pencil such as watercolour, brushes, pastels, crayons and pens. You can also transfer and open up your design from your Ipad back on your desktop, therefore switching easily between the two.

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5. Pigment

Sometimes we might want to simply rest, unwind and colour in something. Colouring can be very therapeutic and creative. The app Pigment can be used by all ages and offers an extensive colouring experience in which you can colour with a range of tools including markers, oils, watercolours, pencils and more. You can even blend, darken or lighten colours and create different strokes all with the apple pencil.

pigment, ipad, creativity

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