5 Best Podcasts of the Month

By Ines Besbes
on 6 November 2023

If you have never dived into the wide world of podcasts or you are looking to renew your podcast playlist, then you are in the right place.

From media heavyweights interviews with former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard to riveting crime story telling, the podcast world is made for every tastes and interests. With a similar format to talk radio, podcasts will make time fly, by taking you into their journey.

These various range of styles and subjects can keep your mind busy while working out, doing chores, on your way to work or preparing dinner.

Bobo and Flex
Bobo and Flex Podcast

As there are a multitude of podcasts available, we have made a special monthly selection so you can enjoy a taste of the best podcasts this month.


Meta picture
Meta podcast

One of the nation’s only podcasting journalists, from Prime Ministers and media heavyweights to indie creators and side hustlers.

The Sydney Morning Herald / The Age’s Peter Wells has interviewed the movers and shakers of the podcasting world. In Meta – a podcast about podcasts, Wells chats with Julia Gillard (host of a Podcast of One’s Own), ABC’s Dr Norman Swan (Coronacast) and more. He give listeners a valuable insight into just what makes our most popular podcasts happen. 

Everyone has an ex

Everyone has an ex
Everyone has an ex

In season one of the voyeuristic series Everyone Has An Ex, beloved Bachelorette Georgia Love peeled back the curtain on some of the juiciest and most heartbreaking break ups shared by those who lived them.

For season two, Love put a call out to her listeners to share their stories of love, heartbreak and everything in between. The result is a selection of real-life stories with storylines of forbidden love and heartbreak via the front page of newspapers and more. 

Lessons Learnt With The Greats

Lessons learnt with the greats
Lessons learnt with the greats podcast

Despite being a legend in his own right, cricketing superstar Shane Watson says that he still has many things to learn both on and off the field.

In Lessons Learnt With The Greats, Watson is joined by the big names of cricket. Past and present cricket personalities discuss how their time on the pitch gave them lessons of life, business, relationships and everything else.

So far, Watson has interviewed friends and colleagues from Australia and abroad including Brett Lee, Shane Warne, Yuvraj Singh, Dean Jones, Sir Vivian Richards and Belinda Clark. 

Bobo and Flex

Bobo and Flex
Bobo and Flex

Bobo Matjila and Flex Mami are spilling the tea! Not even a cross-continent divide can get in between Bobo and Flex serving their listeners a weekly dose of empowerment.

The modern day self-care book, nothing is off limits in Bobo and Flex’s epic conversations. The pair pepper their discussions about real-world events with advice to help their listeners critically navigate the modern world. 

Australian True Crime

Australian True Crime Podcast
Australian True Crime

Australian True Crime was the podcast that kick-started one of the biggest genres of today. The passion project of true crime obsessives Meshel Laurie and Emily Webb.

This October, Laurie and Webb return with another Australian True Crime: Live. The captivating live show will include exclusive content and never-before-heard accounts. It will explore the always engrossing underbelly of Australia, with guests Andrew Rule (Chopper/Underbelly) and Julia Robson (Chasing Charlie).

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