5 Captivating Shows On Netflix To Watch Right Now

Emeric Brard
on 18 April 2021

By now, you might be thinking that you’ve watched everything that there is to watch on Netflix. You’ve finished ticking off our previous lists and you’re running out of hope. Fear not, Women Love Tech has another five series on Netflix for you to watch.

Here are five enthralling shows on Netflix for you.

#1 Ozark

When a financial advisor agrees to work with a Mexican cartel to launder their drug money, things quickly go downhill as he is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice for his own life and the lives of his wife and kids. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does. And, it makes for great binge watching.

Watch the trailer here.

#2 Mindhunter

Holden Ford and Bill Tench are not like your ordinary FBI agents. They do catch criminals, but do so by attempting to understand serial killers by studying their damaged psyches. Through their findings, they are able to pioneer the development of modern serial-killer profiling.

Watch the trailer here.

#3 Hollywood

Hollywood is where we see the casting couch everyone talks about in La La Land come to life. Set in post-World War II. the names of real Hollywood, actors and film makers are weaved in with fictitious ones. We even seen Eleanor Roosevelt visiting one of the studios. One thing unites all the “showbiz” players and that is they will do anything to achieve their dreams.

Watch the trailer here.

#4 The Last Dance

Whether or not you’re a fan of basketball, the story of Basketball champion Michael Jordan’s career and the Chicago Bulls’ “golden years” is a must-watch show. The docu-series delves into the personal and professional life of Michael Jordan as he battles against the entire NBA franchise as well as himself to solidify his spot as the greatest player of all time.

Watch the trailer here.

#5 Dead To Me

When two women who have recently been victim to tragic losses cross paths and become friends, they bond over wine and life as Jen attempts to solve the crime that led to her husband’s death while Judy tries to shield Jen from a shocking secret that could destroy her life.

Watch the trailer here.

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