5 Minutes To Discover The Sony PlayStation 4

By Frederique Bros
on 1 December 2013

Sony’s next-generation PlayStation is here. Seven years after the Playstation 3 was released in 2006. Everyone is having high expectations about the new sleek console features an 8-core X86 AMD Jaguar chip and 8 gigs of memory. So much to say about this amazing console, let’s take 5 minutes to discover the Sony PlayStation 4.

The Most Powerful System

There has never been a games system as advanced as PlayStation®4. Stunning graphics performance, unparalleled customised memory and processors with 10 times the power of PlayStation®3 have given the most innovative minds in the games industry free rein when it comes to creating experiences that are bigger, bolder, more immersive. And more than you ever imagined.

Games Without Barriers

Automatic Background Updates
System software and game updates will be downloaded in the background, so PS4 is ready when you are.

Play As You Download
Purchase a game from PlayStation Store and play it as it downloads to your PS4.

Personalised Content
Your PS4 system learns how you play and intuitively curates the content you use most often.

Play Used Games
You can trade-in a PS4 game, sell or lend it to a friend or simply keep it forever. It’s your choice.


Introducing the all-new DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller, putting inspired play right in your hands. Featuring the SHARE button to help you show off your greatest gaming moments, a new touchpad, a coloured light bar and our best design yet.

Parallelogram Design

The PlayStation 4 isn’t a cube, but actually a tilted parallelogram. It’s also small at only 10.8 inches by 12 inches.


The console can lay on its side, or can be placed vertically with a stand, which you can purchase separately for $14.99.

Glowing Light

The PlayStation 4’s front is bisected by an LED light, which pulses blue when the console is starting up and white when it’s on.

Turning On

The easily missed power button is right on the front, between the glossy and matte sections, where the LED separates the console.

DualShock 4

The PlayStation 4 features a newly redesigned controller, the DualShock 4. While some aspects of the old controller have remained, such as the iconic shape-face buttons, it’s a big departure from the previous PlayStation 3 controller.

PlayStation Camera

The PlayStation 4 has its own camera, sold separately from the console for $59.99. It features two lenses to see 3D images, along with a microphone array to detect sound.

Imagery Courtesy: PlayStation

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