5 Minutes To Discover Your Real Skin Age

By Frederique Bros
on 26 July 2014

We all want flawless skin. You know the one that’s fresh, plump, and smooth, without open pores, sun damage or worse… wrinkles!

Reality Check 5 Minutes To Discover Your Real Skin Age

I spent countless hours looking at my face in the magnifying mirror, and the only thing I noticed were my skin’s flaws, breakouts, wrinkles and dry patches. Suddenly the reality is right in front of me, the reflection of my face is telling me, I’m aging and my skin is too.

But is it as bad as I thought? Probably not, and the only way I know to prove me wrong is to use the help of technology. This fun and interactive website My Beauty Potential will help you learn about your skin, aging and beauty and it’s FREE!

At the end of the exam, the system is designed to put you in contact with a reputable, quality, Australian clinic that can help you to analyse your individual skin age and beauty report.

How Does It Work?

Simple. It’s a test online, it takes 5 to 10 minutes, and men can also do it by selecting their gender.

I did mine in 5 minutes. You have to be honest with yourself while answering the questions and have a mirror close to your computer to assess your skin.

Tip: It’s better to do the test without wearing makeup.

The Test

First, you have to enter your contact details, then you can start the test. In 3 steps you assess your skin by looking at, surface, volume and wrinkles.

I like this cool software because it shows videos on each step. There is a great tool where you can swipe your computer mouse to show you exactly the depth of wrinkles you have or not, as well as call your level of interest.

The Result

Within 5 minutes, I had my score! I’m 41, and the results show that the real skin age of my face is 37! I’m so happy about it, and somewhere I would like to thank my French mother for giving me all the beauty tips when I was a teenager.

At the end of the exam, My Beauty Potential gives you the opportunity to request an appointment in your area with your chosen clinic to have your results reviewed by a professional.

It’s everything I like, with a few clicks on your computer, you can access your skin’s age, with an easy and very effective test. My Beauty Potential will help to give you good insight on many aspects of your skin – and what to possibly target your skincare and treatments to.

Do the test today and please feel free to leave a comment with your skin’s age.

Image Credit: Deposit Photos

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