5 Minutes To Turn Your Photos Into A Beautiful Book

By Frederique Bros
on 24 March 2014

We all take pictures with our iPhone or camera – everyday for some bloggers and casually for others who have the time. Life is beautiful and we love to catch up those magical moments on our digital devices. But do you remember the time (not so long time ago) when we showed our pictures on a photo album or prints? Yes I do love showing my pictures of my last trip in Europe on my iPhone it is so handy. But a small screen doesn’t really demonstrate the real Paris atmosphere by night – and secretly I missed the old fashion album photo flickering pages. I invite you to read this guide: 5 minutes to turn your photos into a beautiful book.

As an Apple Mac user, you surely use iPhoto to manage your photos by album, date and event. Did you know that you have the option to turn your photos into a beautiful printed book? I was surprised how easy and cheap it takes to create a memory maker book. It’s also a great gift idea for anyone. So let’s see in details how to create a memorable photo album which will last forever and will look beautiful on your coffee table.

5 Minutes To Turn Your Photos Into a Beautiful Book
  • Go to iPhoto on your computer and select events. For this guide, I chose my adorable French Bulldog Oscar 🙂
  • Double-click on the album photo you want to transform into a book.
  • Click on the right bottom button: Share -> Create -> Book (You can also create a card, a calendar, an album or slideshow).
  • – Select the type of book cover you like – you have the choice between hard, softcover or wire-bound and click create.
  • Double-click on the first page – the cover – then you have two options between the layout and color.
  • It’s so easy and you can create a book within minutes!
  • Let flow your creativity, move around your pictures, add some text and title.
  • When you are happy with your book click on the bottom button Buy Book.
  • Then you will see your invoice.
  • You will need your Apple ID and password to make the payment – it’s the same system when you buy music or apps on iTunes.
  • Click Sign in and the book will be sent to you to your mailbox within a sleek Apple package. If it’s for a gift you can choose which address the album will go to.

I have been told a great book will cost in average AU$60 which is completely affordable and it’s an amazing way to turn your photos into an unique gift. I love it. If you have any questions or need more support to create a book, please leave a comment. Have fun!

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