5 Productivity Apps Every Working Mom Should Know About

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on 31 August 2021

While women have come a long way in the workplace to get where they deserve to be in this predominantly masculine society, the struggle is far from over. Women are still fighting to elevate their feminine leadership in a male dominated corporate world while still trying to raise a family and keep a balance with their divine feminine side. 

Finding The Balance Working and Home Life

Breaking out of the masculine matrix shouldn’t be harder than it already is. “In order to survive in this new earth that is emerging, a shift towards a more feminine approach to business is required and women need to be able to balance their home life and work-life without losing their family values”, says entrepreneur Rhonda Swan. 

As a leader of the feminine transformation charge in the business world, Rhonda, known as the Unstoppable Momma, has been encouraging women to engage in a more effective and efficient way of organizing and achieving their goals effortlessly. Rhonda is a mom and wife who has reached the balance between her family and her work success. She is the founder of the public relations and branding firm Unstoppable Branding Agency  (UBA), a business strategist, and a bestselling author, with her last book Women Gone Wild: The Feminine Guide To Fearless Living launched last month and top-selling in Amazon’s rank. 

As Rhonda’s motto goes, “If you’re going to be anything… be unstoppable.”

Here are the 5 top productivity apps every working momma should have in their arsenal:

1. Toggl

Working moms are able to get work done more efficiently when using Toggl. Toggl gives you an opportunity to track time spent on tasks. Whether you’re managing a team or just organizing your daily tasks, Toggl keeps entries organized by team, client, project, or a manually added tag.  

Available in iOS, Android, and Mac, what’s most fascinating about Toggl is the detailed report where it displays the tasks and areas you spend most of the time on. This way you are able to adjust your daily activities, see what might be dragging you down for extended periods of time, and keeping you away from focusing more on what you feel you need in order to enhance your power. 

2. Winstreak Strategic Coach

Every professional mom should keep up to speed on the latest and greatest technologies. And if you’re one of those mommas that like challenges and love to complete them, then Winstreak is for you!

Winstreak is a goalkeeper and motivator tool. The app will make sure you stay positive about your daily accomplishments and get you excited for the next day. It keeps the record of three “wins” you previously set for the day. Winstreak helps you plan every day by establishing the things you’ve been vying to do. Winstreak is available on iOS and Android

3. Todoist

No matter what you do, you probably wish there were more hours in a day. Todoist is a beloved app among working moms for it is a great time management tool. It is available on iOS, Android, and Mac, with extensions in Windows, Chrome, and Firefox. Todoist is simple and so intuitive to use. 

Todoist is very helpful when it comes to organizing all the tasks that need to be done on a daily basis. It helps women regain clarity and reduce stress since it offers the opportunity to organize tasks in a to-do list format. Tasks can also be encompassed into specific projects and assigned due dates.

4. Focus Keeper

There’s something every working mom understands: distractions surround their everyday life. And it can make it really difficult to stay concentrated especially while working from home where the environment often gets kind of hectic and chaotic. This is when Focus Keeper comes in handy. 

Focus Keeper is an app that helps you avoid distractions and thus complete tasks more effectively. It offers the opportunity for moms to schedule itinerant work timings with frequent pauses in between which increases efficiency simultaneously giving moms time to take care of other things within the household. Focus Keeper is available on iOS.

5. Doodle

When managing different teams, scheduling a meeting could be a real challenge. Doodle is an app that allows scheduling a meeting with people from different workplaces. It facilitates planning meetings since email changes can get out of control. 

Doodle is available on iOS and Android. Another amazing feature from Doodle is that it helps you keep track of your polls by sending you notifications to keep you up to date. 

To Conclude

Rhonda has navigated her way through finding the perfect balance between her family life and still succeeding in the corporate world. She recognizes the advantage of using technology in order to fight burnout and stress, thus living the lives we always dreamt of. Using productivity apps brings us closer to that life, it brings us closer to fulfilling the feminine power that is already inside each one of us. 


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