5 Simple SEO Tips To Improve Your Blog’s Traffic

By Frederique Bros
on 23 September 2020

Due to the changing times and the users’ needs creating a website is very crucial to any business being it small or large. When creating a good search engine optimization SEO there are various factors that need to be considered so as to increase it visibility and the brand. These important things includes,

5 Simple SEO Tips To Improve Your Blog’s Traffic


It has been proven that a site that is quite difficult to navigate always have a really high bounce rate. Therefore, it is important to set up sites that are easy to navigate and tailor made to meet users’ needs. The site should be well organized, well designed and contain attractive colors.


Content forms the basis of the SEO rankings. Therefore, it is always important to have high quality, unique content on the pages of the websites. It is also significant to include keywords research in the content. Also ensure that things such as the tittles, heading tags, Meta tags, and images are all optimized for the keyword search word phrases.    


The content on the SEO decides on what types of the content that will help the users so as to make them to link to it. Therefore, forming content that is resourceful, informative or that which seeks to address a certain problem in the society. It is also crucial to share the content on the various social media platforms. This shall ensure that various people are checking it and are even able to share it to different users.

Social media

According to Vancouver SEO agency, participation in the social Medias platforms and constantly updating them with quality content always makes the site more visible to a lot of people as well as the brand.   A decent social media platform ratio is the 8/2 rule, which means that 8 percent of the updates should contain resourceful materials, that are helpful to the users.


This is the codes that are used to build the websites that tell the search engines exactly what is contained in the page. The more the search engine knows about the business products the better as it increases the visibility of the products to other users. The html allows the sites to be able to contain different rich snippets which attract more the number of people who sees the site.

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