5 Tech Blogs By Women You Need To Follow – Destination Femme

By Frederique Bros
on 2 April 2015

I had a big surprise during a quiet Sunday afternoon I was browsing the Internet to check what is new in technology. I bumped into the Destination Femme website and saw this article on the 17th of January 2015: 5 Tech Blogs By Women You Need To Follow.

I clicked on it (thinking “It would be great if Women Love Tech could be in this article”) and guess what? Women Love Tech is in the first position besides with other new great technology blogs/websites for women. I almost choked on my green tea!

5 Tech Blogs By Women You Need To Follow – Destination Femme

I wasn’t aware of this article, no one told me about it… unless I missed it in the hundreds of emails I received every day, and if so sorry to the publisher. Anyway, I would like to thank you Destination Femme for this great article and for naming Women Love Tech your favourite technology blog for women.

This article is not only about Women Love Tech but also about other great and creative websites:

– Girl About Tech By Amy Cutmore

– The Hacker Chick By Abby Fichtner

– Techmamas By Beth Blecherman

– The Female Perspective Of Computer Science By Gail Carmichael

Check also those great sites, they are all different and similar in the same time. Each of those are amazing and inspiring website. They have their own niche, coding, gadgets, appliances, hacking, computer science and so much more. Ladies visit those great sites showing your support for smart women in technology.

Dear readers, if you are interested in seeing the rest of Destination Femme’s 5 Tech Blogs By Women You Need To Follow click here or visit Destination Femme great website.

Many thanks.

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