5 Things I Learned At Tony Robbins’ Sydney Event

By Frederique Bros
on 19 April 2015

As an entrepreneur seeing on stage Tony Robbins was on my bucket list for years.

Today I can say I’ve done it. I saw Tony Robbins at the National Achievers 2015 Congress in Sydney. I had mixed feelings; excitement and a little apprehension.

I’m born in France and have lived in Australia for almost 15 years. My adoptive family is from the Caribbean and I lived in a few countries, I believe I can say I have a flexible and open mind with other cultures, but I am not a big fan of these big American gatherings with cheerful crowds who listen to their speakers as they expecting they will change their lives – forever. It’s a bit too ‘guru/sect’ for me.

All day, I listened to many interesting American speakers. I have to say those guys know how to sell big time! At the end of each presentation (trading, real estate, marketing or business online) they ALL without exception offer you the best deal to make money fast and quick (really?) – to do so you have to pay (of course) AU$AU1000.00 to $5000.00 their ‘unique and amazing’ deal pack including classes, emails, books and videos… Hmmm… At this stage, I was very perplexed and felt like I paid to listen to sellers who wanted more money from me promising to be a millionaire in 18 months. Maybe it’s too “American’ for the French woman in me?

5 Things I Learned At Tony Robbins’ Sydney Event

Then, finally, it’s Tony Robbins’s time to come on stage, and I have to say you could almost touch the energy’s anticipation in the room, even myself I started to feel hot (no joke I’m always cold). People were bananas when Tony arrived. He is exactly what I was expecting a giant American guy, with a strong and powerful voice – not to mention his perfect fake white teeth and really nice smile. Yes, true Tony Robbins looks amazing for 55 years.


Then he delivered within 5 minutes the secret of success: energy. Wow, now he got my attention, I’m here not to change my life as I can do it myself but to understand what is not quite right in me which is having an impact on my work and Women Love Tech. Can it be energy???

His talk was so powerful and pertinent I thought he was talking to me directly. Anyone can apply his advice no matter your personal issue: losing weight, bad personal life or in my case how to re-boost my energy levels for Women Love Tech and myself.

No doubt this guy knows his work. Tony Robbins has been a coach and a public talker for over 35 years, he knows perfectly how to touch people’s minds and feelings without touching them physically (can I say that?). He is an amazing seller for the soul.

What I have learned in 4 hours

There is a strategy to energy and success without fulfilment is the master of failure.

To be a successful entrepreneur, you should:

1. Absolute obsessed focus

2. More you obsess more your energy flows

3. Trade your expectations with your appreciation

The word Faith came back many times – even if it doesn’t work right now but you believe in your success – then you have more chances to succeed because motivation does matter. Somewhere, somehow we all know that it’s right. If you run a business and work crazy hours but if deep inside, you doubt or have negative thoughts then it will be translated into your day-to-day work consequently having a negative impact on your business.

3 Master Skills Of Life

1. The science of achievement

2. The art of fulfilment

3. The science of duplication

I’m not here to give you in detail what Tony said in 4 hours – but its technique was really good. First, he used repetitively the same words, and sentences with the same persuasive vocabulary – only because we can’t concentrate and process 100% during a 4-hour presentation – make sense. As well Tony moves, all the time to a point I couldn’t take a proper picture without it being fuzzy – he has massive energy and he feeds himself with the crowd’s energy too – I have to admit it’s something to witness, and I was truly impressed.


“Strategies behind the state of mind to get results – 80% psychology and 20% mind.” Tony Robbins

Another technique he is using he asking the crowd many times to stand up, to clap, to scream (I lost my voice) to bounce, to dance, to jump…. I was like “Oh my… here it goes… the American show!” It was a bit embarrassing, fun, crazy but what an experience to share with 3000 people – I could feel my own energy and the others and that’s, it’s priceless.


I left a bit before the end, first because I had enough of people jumping, screaming and hugging me for no reason. Seriously, I had to go back home to take Oscar(my French Bulldog) out and to feed him.

It’s only in the morning, that I start to notice a few changes, I always wake up with thousands of things in my mind (I’m sure it’s the same for you). Money, emails, phone calls, articles to write, people to contact, etc……. and suddenly I was aware of my own negativity, it’s like a mind’s gymnastic, I tried to switch off the negative thoughts and to admire the beautiful sunset and to go for a long walk with Oscar instead by trying not to think of the thousands things I have to do in the day, but just enjoying this quiet moment, and guess what? It works. I took my time for the breakfast, shower and get ready. Surely working from home helps, but I usually do the same routine like I’m running a marathon! It didn’t stop me from working and being productive but I did it with real pleasure with a clearer mind.

I know this article doesn’t have much to do with technology, but it has and will have a direct positive impact on my work and Women Love Tech.

If you’ve missed Tony Robbins congress or simply you are on a budget – don’t worry there are lots of cool and free videos on YouTube.

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