5 Tips for Decluttering Your Work-From-Home Space

Women Love Tech
on 9 June 2020

Have the kids gone back to school but you are still working from home? Or are the kids still with you as you attempt to work from home? We have some tips for decluttering your space, that work well together with some podcast episodes, so you can be productive and creative as you work from home.  

#1 Decluttering your expectations

Do you dream of having a dedicated home office but that just isn’t possible? Get creative about how and where you work from within your home, maybe there is a cupboard where you could turn a shelf into your desk. Maybe the kids’ bedroom is the quietest while they are watching TV? Freeing yourself from expectations that working from home has to look a certain way will get your creative juices pumping that can flow into creative problem-solving in your work.

Check out this episode for more tips.

#2 Decluttering your desk

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Are there things in your work space that distract you from your work? Maybe clearing it off from everything but the project you are currently working on, will free your mental load so that you can think clearly and be productive in that task. Having things that you use semi regularly out of hands reach will get those step counts up and your watch can stop reminding you to stand up! 

Check out Office Desk episode here.

#3 Decluttering your admin

When working from home, work and life, inevitably, get mixed. One minute you’re in a Zoom meeting the next you are booking an appointment for the kid’s optometrist. Having a great system set up in your home to deal with life administration that is separated from your work can really help you not lose that party invite in a client’s file or leave you with searching for that work document in amongst school notices.  

Listen to the Command Centre episode here.

#4 Micro declutter

Next time you are waiting for the kettle to boil for your cuppa, why don’t you pull out all your teaspoons and see if there are some you can declutter? Tiny micro decluttering can and does add up to massive changes over time. Have a look around your working from home space, what micro declutters can you do? Business cards? Blue pens? Highlighters? What can you declutter today that will give you more white space in which to be creative and productive with? 

Listen to the Micro Declutter episode here.

#5 Declutter your mind

Have you got 1047 tabs open in your mind regarding all the things you have to juggle? Our tip for this one is to share the load with others that you live with. Open up conversations with them about all of those tabs and see if they are able to take some of the mental load from your plate. Also considering jettisoning some of the mental load just by the power of saying no. ‘No I am not free to do that’, ‘No, I can’t help you’, ‘No’. So much freedom comes when we also clear the clutter in our mind.

Declutter your mind with the Mental Load episode here.

Listen to the other podcast episodes here for more tips to decluttering.

Women Love Tech would like to thank Kirsty Farrugia and Amy Revell for their story.

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