5 Top Beauty Apps You Will Love

By Frederique Bros
on 6 February 2022

We all have our beauty secrets, mine is to stay away from sugar (it’s very bad for the skin), nothing beats a good night sleep and I always wash my face in the mornings and evenings. True, we can’t all look like a supermodels, and because we are humans we have our good and bad days. The good news is iff you are in need of little make up inspiration, or you are thinking of changing your hairstyle, there are plenty of apps out there to help you. I always try apps that I write about in my blog, some melt my heart and some are simply the most practical apps I’ve ever used. For you, I did a compilation of 5 top beauty apps and websites you will love, well at least I hope you will love them and learn few tips, enjoy.

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5 Top Beauty Apple Apps & Sites You Will Love

Bangstyle – website

Bangstyle is the first on my list and this site is permanently in my iPhone. Hair stylists can shoot and share the latest from their own chairs. Users can browse recently posted articles, instantly upload hair pictures and locate the nearest hair salon at their fingertips. Forget cumbersome magazines, consumers can easily browse thousands of hairstyles and hair cuts, select their “favorites,” and create a personalized portfolio all on their phones.

Pretty In My Pocket – IOS 

The more practical app and very important for your beauty products. Pretty in My Pocket makes shopping for beauty products fun again! With honest reviews you can trust, this pocket pal guides you through the overwhelming array of products in the beauty aisle. With thousands of reviews that critique products across the spectrum, from local pharmacy offerings to those available at high-end department store counters, we prepare you with the tools needed to make a purchase decision.

Beautylish – IOS 

Beautylish is the essential app for makeup and beauty tips and to shop for your favourite beauty products. Get makeup and beauty tips on the go from Beautylish, the popular online destination for makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts. Choose from thousands of makeup reviews, hairstyles, nail designs, braids, beauty tips and makeup tutorial videos to get inspired. A great app!

Beauty Craft – IOS

Beauty Craft is the most natural and creative app. Saving money and protecting the environment in same time while creating your own natural beauty products, it’s possible and easy! Create your own natural beauty products with BeautyCraft Apple App. One of my favorite recipe is the Vanilla and Coconut body scrub, I can’t get enough of it! Brought to you by British beauty business Herb & Hedgerow, the app teaches you how to make simple fresh beauty products from natural ingredients that you can easily find in your local shops, using tools you already have in your kitchen.

Pic credit: Jakob Owens from Unsplash
Men’s HairStyle Photo Editor – Google

And finally for the boys discover Men’s Hairstyles. It’s the first app that allows you to try out different hairstyles with a collection of amazing hair styles for men. You can change your hair style in few seconds by using the app’s hair style changer application. See what your boy looks like with a new look. It’s fun and you have now some arguments to ask your boyfriend/partner to finally change his boring hairstyle.

What is your favourite beauty app?

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