5 Top Tips To Use Twitter To Get Ahead In Your Career

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on February 27, 2021

Your online footprint matters more than ever before and more scrutinised thanks to the digital hiring process and remote work. Forget the traditional paper resumes of the past, if you want to put your best foot forward a the perfect candidate for a job then it’s time to brush up on your social media skills.

Interestingly,  Paul McCarthy, Professor at University of NSW, says Twitter users in the same profession have the same online personality. 

With this in mind, here’s our top tips to help you use the platform of Twitter as both a digital business card and resume and nab that dream career. 

Top Tips To Use Twitter To Get Ahead

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1. Access to leading industry players — Unlike LinkedIn where you have to send a request, anyone can connect with anyone on Twitter (with the exception of private accounts). Use this two way communication to your advantage. It allows you to put your name on someone’s radar and is more subtle than multiple unanswered cold emails.  

2. Join a Twitter Industry Chat  — Twitter chats are recurring conversations hosted by an account, that pose a different question or topic each session. Just about every industry, hobby or fandom has one going on – there truly is something for everything. It’s like a virtual chat room or networking event.  The best part is, anyone can join. Set yourself up for success and come armed with opinions, insights and tidbits that’ll spark the interest of industry professionals. 

Some great Twitter chats to join: 

·         Startups & Entrepreneurship: #SEOChat, #MillennialTalk, 

·         STEM: #WomenLoveTech, PrimarySTEMChat, #edchat, #WomenInTechChat

·         Journalism, literature & writing: #AusLibChat, #AWW2020 and #writerslift

3.          Save a Tweet for later —  How often do you see an interesting thread while scrolling through Twitter without time to engage in discussion? Or perhaps you want to take some time to digest and respond. This feature allows you to bookmark the Tweet and come back to it later; so you can engage in industry-related conversations with just the right clever contribution. 

4. Tweet like an expert  — We all love a fun fact, and Twitter’s platform was made for bite-sized information nuggets. When it comes to professionalism, remember the golden rule: you are what you Tweet. Tweet with substance and creativity. Share fun facts, interesting news articles and retweet statements (with a comment) that align with your own opinions. This is a great way to show off your soft skills – whether it be humour, effective communication or creative thinking. 

5. Launch a #HireMe Hashtag (or join an existing one)  — Take advantage of hashtags to discover job opportunities. Search for hashtags such as #NowHiring #JobOpening or #Careers with the position, industry and location alongside.  Or kickstart your own, pretending your dream employee is scrolling through the #HireMe hashtag. Ask them: “Are you looking for someone who can _____ #HireMe”. “#HireMe if you want a ___________”. Or “#HireMe because your business needs______”. 

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