5 Top Utility Apps That Will Rock Your Life

All the apps that I am writing about in Women Love Tech are ‘tested’ on my iPhone, iPad and MacBookPro. As a techno blogger it’s my responsibility  to deliver my dear readers with the highest and reliable news, apps and gadgets… and as well because I am an app’s addict! I love them. I daily research the latest and the coolest apps. My wish? One day, I will create my one app.

Until then, I decide you to search 5 top utility apps that will rock your life, so here my selection. I hope they will improve your life like they do to mine.

5 Top Utility Apps That Will Rock Your Life1. LevelUp – pay with your phone. A free app that enables you to pay with your phone at thousands of businesses nationwide. Whenever you visit a business for the first time and pay with LevelUp, you instantly save a few bucks. As you go back, you’ll unlock even more money to spend there.


5 Top Utility Apps That Will Rock Your Life2. Key Ring Reward Cards app for Android and iPhone users keeps all of your reward cards right in your phone! Simply add your loyalty cards to the app by scanning the bar code on each card. Then when you’re out shopping, have the clerk scan your loyalty card bar code straight off your phone!


5 Top Utility Apps That Will Rock Your Life3. ATM Finder. One app, one push button, and this app shoes the location of nearest ATM and banks. Easy to use and more important (for me) it’s fast. The app displays ATM lists ordered by distance and on the map, it world worldwide and display directions form your current location to the selected ATM.

5 Top Utility Apps That Will Rock Your Life4. Bill Reminder – like his name, with this app you will never forget to pay another bill. It will simplify your life by keeping all of your bills in one manageable place. At a glance you will see which bills require your attention. When a bill due date is approaching the app will notify you about that. The app enables you to track your expenses in the extensive pie chart section.

5 Top Utility Apps That Will Rock Your Life5. Fill Up my Tank – A great app to save money on petrol. Two ways to sort petrol stations – by distance or by price. Fill My Tank is a crowd-sourcing service aims at providing near real-time fuel prices for every petrol stations across Australia. This app is designed by a girl, Vanessa Wang, yeah!



You are welcome to add apps to this list. If you think you know the best utility app in the world and I don’t… well, leave me a message, thanks.


Written by Frederique Bros

Frederique Bros is a contributor for Women Love Tech. Frederique, who launched the website, has more than ten years in multimedia, graphic and web design. Born in France, she lives in Sydney with her French Bulldog Oscar.

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