5 Ultimate Tips To Protect Your Privacy Online

By Frederique Bros
on 7 October 2014

Let’s face it – it’s very difficult to save your privacy on the internet. Getting tracked by Facebook and Google is bad enough, but also the government has its eyes on your web traffic and advertisers are trying to track every move you make! Thankfully there are easy steps to protect your anonymity on the web, and prevent others from monitoring your browsing habits, ensuring your privacy online.

 5 Ultimate Tips To Protect Your Privacy Online

Understand How You Use The Internet

Check This Info graphic to understand how you the Internet.

Blocking Third-Party Cookies

Third-party cookies are one of the most common methods that advertisers use to track your browsing habits. Without third-party cookies, advertisers have to work much harder to monitor which pages you visit.

– Go to your Internet browser (Explorer,Chrome, ect..) go to content setting/cookies and tick blocking third-party cookies and site data

Change Your Privacy Settings

– Enable phishing and malware protection

– enable, send ‘to not track’ request with your browsing traffic

– Still in privacy, click on content settings, click to play for the plug-ins and do not allow any sites to se a plug-in to access your computer

Use Extensions

JavaScript Blocking

– Go to Chrome,/preferences/click on Extensions/get more extensions and type ‘script’ the extensions will pop up, install one. I use: ScriptSafe

– Try to browse only websites starting with https,  SSL connection is still your best bet for keeping your web traffic private. I use: Https everywhere, also note Women Love Tech is now https://womenlovetech.com, meaning its a secure website, yeah!

– Protect your privacy and see who’s tracking your web browsing with Ghostery extension

Use a Secure Private VPN (Virtual Private Network) or Proxy 

These services will allow you to browse, download, and upload completely anonymous. Your real IP address will be hidden to the World, and your traffic will remain ‘invisible’ to ISP (Internet Service Provider) or governments. Do your research some are for Mac or for PC.

With a VPN/Proxy you can:

– Access videos form any country

– Evade hackers

– Surf Privately

– Search on the Internet with plan suits you the best.

Images: DepositPhotos & Info graphic Who is hosting this.

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