5 Video Apps To Film Like A Pro With Your iPhone

Frederique Bros
on 19 August 2014

Taking pictures with your iPhone is great and very handy because your phone is always in your pocket. But filming videos with your iPhone it’s better, unleash your inner Spielberg with 5 video apps to film like a pro with your iPhone.

Videography is normally left to the pros, but not any more! The iSight camera on your iPhone is an amazing still camera, but it is also amazing for shooting videos. With it, you can capture moments in stunning 1080p HD.

The App Store boasts a selection of video-editing apps for all of your filtering, splicing, and footage-finessing needs. This collection of apps and tips will get your creative juices flowing and help you transform your videos into Cannes-worthy mini-epics in no time!

Kinomatic – AU$2.49

Kinomatic is a pro video camera and editor in one; the only tool you’ll need to start and finish high-quality movies on your iPhone. Powerful manual controls put you firmly in charge of the camera. This app lets you combine, reorder and trim video clips with ease, add audio and control audio levels, and finish the movie off with beautiful titles.

Fly – FREE

Fly is a simple and fast video editor that lets you create videos up to five minutes long, trim and rearrange clips, add dissolve transitions, split screen, music and voiceover, and make multi-angle videos with multiple devices.

Cinamatic – FREE

Cinamatic is the best app for creating beautiful short films. This app lets you record multiple short clips that transform into amazing short motion pictures. Plus, your Cinamatic videos can be shared straight to Instagram, Vine, or Facebook.

Replay – FREE

Replay lets you make amazing square videos to impress your Instagram followers. It is super easy, really fast and there are 18 beautiful Video Styles to choose from. Watch your photos, and videos, come to life as amazing movies, with spectacular transitions, synced to the music.

Horizon – AU$2.49

Horizon lets you record horizontal videos and photos no matter how you hold your device. Hold it upright, sideways or even keep rotating it while capturing, your captured moment will always stay horizontal! You can add filters, shoot with the back or front camera and share your creations.

iPhone HD Videography Tips

– Slo-mo: iPhone 5s lets you capture video at 120 frames per second in 720p, and when you’re done, you can select the portion you want to slow down and play clips back at quarter speed. Slow-motion video cranks up the drama and, sometimes, the humour.

– Live video zoom: Zoom in on your subject —up to 3x — as you’re recording with live video zoom – so you can put the emphasis right where you want it.

– True Tone flash: The same True Tone flash that helps you capture vibrant colours for your photos can also be used while you’re recording videos. True Tone flash on iPhone 5s, which determines just the right balance of ambient light versus flash for more natural-looking skin tones. The result is a beautiful shot with more true-to-life colours.

– Find natural lighting and eliminate shadows, set the Auto Focus and Auto Exposure on your iPhone by pressing and holding anywhere you want on the video.

– Take control of the camera to get a stable shot, use both hands on your iPhone to cancel out jittery hands.

More Tips  

– Take video in the landscape for the best video capture

– Set the Auto Focus and Auto Exposure by pressing and holding anywhere you want on the screen

– If the setting is a little dark, tap on a shadow to brighten the exposure

Do you want to take a picture while you are recording? Grab it by tapping the white circle on the left of your record button

If you know more cool videos, please share them with us.

Image Credit: Deposit Photos

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