5 Ways Publishing A Book Can Supercharge Your Business

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on 19 November 2021

Not so long ago, publishing a book was the preserve of the elite. Professors, scientists, experts—people with letters after their name. In the last decade, however, advances in technology have meant it’s now more accessible and affordable for the masses. In fact, in marketing circles, publishing a book is regarded as an excellent tool for self-promotion.

Joanne Martin

Joanne Martin, change management and communications professional, author, and owner of Golden Earth Publishing, describes publishing a book as ‘magnetizing your marketing.’ She says, “It’s a way to set yourself apart from your competitors, position yourself as the thought leader in your field and demonstrate your capability in your area of expertise. Writing a book is the secret to supercharging your brand and positioning your business for ongoing success.”   

5 reasons to publish a book 

Become a recognized authority

Most assume that writing a book requires a certain level of knowledge. Nobody would write one if they had nothing to say. Therefore, authors are perceived as subject matter experts (SMEs). This can pay dividends in a saturated market where everyone is looking for an advantage. Clients and customers may be persuaded to listen to your advice because they perceive you as a voice of wisdom.

Gain exposure

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Those who write books rightly have something to talk about—even shout about. At the launch, the creator is propelled into the limelight. Authors may get invited to radio shows, podcasts, tv programs and newspaper interviews. They’re also sought after for book signings, after-dinner speeches and other important occasions. All of this visibility increases the likelihood of reaching a wider audience.

Find your crowd

A book gives you the opportunity to lay out your methodology, philosophy or thoughts on your particular field of interest. Readers are given an unequivocal insight into who you are. They either buy into you or not. Either way, a book acts as a filter, identifying those who are part of ‘your tribe’. It can help you to connect with those who feel most aligned with your values.

Develop a greater online presence

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If you choose to publish your book through someone like Amazon, you get listed on the planet’s biggest search engine. Those searching for your area of expertise, or even close to it, may encounter your name organically. As your reputation as an SME grows, you may appear higher in Google search rankings. Nowadays, online presence equals business success.

Distil your thoughts

The process of writing a book is actually a series of endless revisions. Metaphorically, it’s like taking a giant lump of jagged rock and sculpting it until your masterpiece is revealed. Chipping away irrelevancies and digging out concise meanings is extremely valuable for the writer. It enables him to become a more powerful impactful communicator no matter the medium. Your book becomes a ready-made resource full of revenue-generating opportunities. Do you want to release a course? Go ahead, use your book as the basis. A podcast? No problem, use ideas from your book. The process of refinement leads to a rich supply of material that you can draw from for years.  

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