6 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Own Startup

Frederique Bros
on 14 February 2016

According to Startup Muster’s latest report, 33.3 per cent of people who pursued a startup did so because they were dissatisfied with their previous job, while 50 per cent of people who started out on their startup journey had no previous startup experience.[1] 

it’s time to quit the 9-5 rat race and to follow your startup dreams in 2016.

Investor and entrepreneur, Steve Baxter, commented: “In 2006 some very brave souls launched a service to broadcast messages to anybody that cared to listen, the messages were limited to sms size (140 characters) back in a time where most people had volume charged accounts and the smart phone as we know it now did not exist. The backers in the first round of investment that Twitter took were either very brave or insightful. The point is, who really thought it would work and work to the extent it currently is. This once startup has not only created tremendous wealth but has also created a brand new communications medium that is only ten years old this year.”

Here are six reasons why you should build your own startup and to leave your job.

1. Break from the mould

Jordan Oudejans, Co-Founder of Puntaa, said: “A normal day job can get a bit stale and you can end up being like a cog in the system just turning over. Having your own startup is a massive challenge, and you need to be thinking and working all the time. Every day is different, new challenges, everything is going well then bang you get hit with something from left field you need to adjust and manage.

2. Flexibility

Richard Eastes, Co-Founder of GreenSocks, said: “It might sound counter-intuitive because you usually work longer hours in your own business, but the ability to choose your hours is a freedom that most workplaces don’t offer. For example, today I started work at 11am. I might finish at 2am. That’s what works best for me and allows me to be my most productive.”

3. Your time becomes more valuable

Pablo Farias, Founder of Zenva, commented: “In traditional career paths people have an hourly rate. One hour of their time is equivalent to X amount of money. If you build a tech startup it’s very much likely you’ll charge users for a service or product they can use online or though technology. What this effectively does is separate your time from income. Your income will increase as you find more customers.

4. Family time 

Andrea Martins, Co-Founder of GreenSocks, commented: “Working in my own businesses has always allowed me to be there for my kids. From school drop-offs and pick-ups, to sports runs, school ceremonies and play dates, I’ve always been able to juggle work and family. That’s a luxury that I would never have been available to me if I was an employee elsewhere.”

5. Be the change

Pablo Farias, Founder of Zenva, said: “Working on a project that has a potential to have a massive impact in millions of people is a very rewarding activity. This can also apply to many traditional career paths, but many organisations fail to transmit this vision to their employees.

6. Life is short

Damon Oudejans, Co-Founder of Puntaa, said: “You’re going to die eventually. So roll the dice, have a crack, and try do something remarkable with your life. By being born in Australia we’ve won the birth lottery, and we have an unbelievable advantage over the majority of the rest of the world. Take this opportunity with both hands, don’t sit back and cruise.  

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