6 Tactics to Level Up Your SEO Game in 2023

By Sophia Smith
on 13 March 2023

In this day and age, SEO stands as one of the most important, if not the single most critical marketing strategy in existence. And keeping in mind the surveys indicating 93% of all online experiences start with some sort of search engine with less than 6% of searchers ever bothering to check the results from the second results page, it is easy to see where this monstrous relevancy comes from.

However, a high level of activity inevitably leads to saturation and, as of lately, entrepreneurs have a very hard time translating their SEO endeavors into tangible and relevant results.

So, the time for upping the ante and looking for fresh approaches is due. Let’s see if we can help you out.

Aim for long-tail keywords

Granted, short-tail keywords have a much broader appeal so they are poised to hit more searchers. But, the trends in digital marketing are rapidly changing, and catering to user intent, even if it comes at the expense of a lower search volume, becomes a new marketing priority. This trend, by all means, makes a lot of sense. If you optimize for the phrase that will lure in relevant users you will not only give them a good reason to follow through but also score some points with Google. Revenue produced by these users will compensate for the lack of quantity.

Double down on design

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Things like loading speeds, optimization for mobile devices, and effective navigation were always seen as some of the SEO basics any business needs to cover in order to score more hits. Still, every new Google update makes SERP results even more dependent on ranking factors like click-through rate, bounce rate, and others that are in direct correlation with the technical and design aspects of your site. So, it is entirely possible that even if you have killer content and keyword strategy, your hard work can be undermined if you don’t pay attention to design.

Work on your brand and EAT

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If you are unfamiliar with the term, EAT stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. These qualities and the relevance of your brand can go a long way in how Google sees your sites. To do this you will need to start putting out relevant and topic-related content as well as engage in strategic link-building. In this case, high expertise and local relevance can make or break your efforts so, if you are starting a local company look for professional link building services in Australia. Developed backlink pools and outreach networks can make any brand-building job much easier.

Use tailor-made SEO strategies

The present-day SEO arena is too dense and too competitive to allow for the one-size-fits-all marketing solution. Therefore, even if you do your job there is no guarantee that X number of posts published on Y websites will produce Z SERP rank. Instead, you should perform a very thorough audit that will uncover your weaknesses and focus on tailor-made SEO strategies made to fill in these gaps. Building a stronger brand is one of these methods. Others come in the form of a more customer-centric SEO approach, optimizing for local SEO, and focusing on relevant local topics.

Consider the impact of social media

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Take this into even stronger consideration if you are trying to appeal to younger generations like Gen Z. In their eyes, Google is a clunky and unappealing tool they use to get the job done. Their public lives are built entirely around social media so it is not that surprising they use these immensely popular platforms as search engines as well. This trend will only be more relevant as time goes by. Therefore, you should first explore the way social media algorithms work (ranking by topics, relevancy, etc.) and start creating content that will leverage these increasingly relevant factors.

Make your content more accessible

The ways people may discover your posts and your website are truly countless. If you want to expand your online reach and stand out from the competition, you should make this job as simple and streamlined as all possible instances. Of course, this means you have quite a lot of different strategies to play with, but here are some of the most effective methods you can use:

  • Add alt text to images to make use of image searches
  • Add markups and tags to your images and videos
  • Add subtitles to the videos
  • Split the content into manageable and easily scannable subheadings
  • Use keywords in headings, subheadings, and tags
  • Use branded and long-tail anchor text
  • Think about user intent and write with a clear purpose in mind

So, these were the top six simple tactics that should give your SEO forays a stronger competitive edge and help you keep competitors at safe distance. Search Engine Optimization is, without any doubt one of the most effective marketing channels you can ever hope to get. But, in this case, working more will not necessarily bear you stronger results – you need to work smarter. Now, you know how.


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