6 Websites To Protect Your Private Life

By Frederique Bros
on 28 February 2016

Each time you are browsing the Internet on your home or work computer you leave some serious data that worth gold to a lot of websites. They will exploit your data (without asking your permission of course) and they will keep tracking your online activity.

Here six amazing and unknown websites to protect your private life.

A Webmail That Doesn’t Read Your Emails

Sick of ad banners inside of your emails? Some of the free email services can monetize your private correspondence!

Mailden is a webmail service (starts at 3 Euros per month) giving you security and privacy by encrypting your messages meaning no one would be able to read them. Nobody else will read your emails. They don’t serve ads in your emails. Website:https://www.mailden.net

A Search EngineThat Does Not Track Their Users

Most of the search engines track and stock in memory all questions you are asking, their links and what you click. To avoid that you can disable the web browser cookies but sometimes it is not enough. The other alternative is to search on engines that commit not to track your navigation such as duckduckgo.com, qwant.com and startpage.com

Defending Your Rights In The Digital World

You are using many websites and social media channels per day, the thing you don’t know is they are tracking you without your permission. Privacy Badger is developed by a defence organisation og your online rights, limiting the cookies installation tracking your activity, here the website: https://www.eff.org/

Anonymity Online

You certainly know some VPN services helping you to browse the Internet without showing your real IP (computer address) very handy for people who live in China where the government controls the Internet or simply if you want to download anonymously movies and music online. But you have to pay for it. The other alternative is Tor.

Tor is a free program to install on your computer giving your anonymity back. This dark web is supported by the American government and with the help of volunteers, million of users in the World can escape the censure, it’s available for Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix, and Android. Website: torproject.org

Anonymity never looks so attractive, right?

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