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7 Free Hair And Beauty Apps To Help You With Your Makeover

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We all have those days where we look in the mirror and feel a sudden urge to change everything. We want a different hairstyle, a new colour for our nail polish, different lipstick, sometimes even different hair colour.

You could consult with a hairdresser on their thoughts or go to your local salon bar, but first it’s worth doing your research and to help you here’s our guide to seven free apps that you can use to give your makeover a test drive.

1# YouCam Makeup – iOS and Android

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The smart selfie camera that detects your face to give you the most accurate, real-life looking makeup application in both real-time and on photos.

2# Mary Kay Mobile Virtual Makeover – iOS and Android

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Here’s another makeup app for you to choose endless combinations of eye makeup, lip colours, hairstyles, hair colours, accessories and more.

3# L’Oréal Paris Makeup Genius – Android

L'Oréal, app

Using augmented reality technology, L’Oréal Paris’s Makeup Genius allows you to try your makeup on virtually. You can choose from a range of preset combinations or make your own with the different shades of L’Oréal Paris’ products.

4# Hair Colour by ModiFace – iOS and Android

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Hair Color by ModiFace is one of the best apps out there in terms of realism, accuracy and choice. When you want to try a different colour or add some shine, it’ll blend in naturally without all the blockiness.

5# Style My Hair: Try On Hair Colours by L’Oréal – iOS and Android

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The perfect companion before your hair appointment. Choose the colour and shade that suits you the most and for the first time, thanks to 3D hair technology, you can move around and flip your hair.

But it’s more than just for a makeover, it’s also helpful for hair tips and inspiration.

6# Hair & Lip Colour Changer – iOS

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This hair and lip duo is another good app for experimenting. With Hair & Lip Color Changer, you can add different colours to different parts of your hair or lips.

7# Virtual Nail Salon by ModiFace – iOS

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Another ModiFace app, but this time for your nails. Don’t go straight to the real nail salon to try a new colour, see what it looks like first with a Virtual Nail Salon.

Emeric Brard

Written by Emeric Brard


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  1. YouCam Makeup is NOT free. All I saw was purchase plans and an option for free trials.

  2. Not specifically for beauty/Makeup, more of a tool I use for my Makeup, but I got “Decision Roulette” an app where i plug options into a spinning wheel and randomize a decision. Using it for areas in my collection where i Love all the products and sometimes get overwhelmed, or have decision fatigue. Rn i have separate wheels for foundation, eyeshadow, lipsticks. Love that the spin feels like a mini-game and the pointer’s clack is satisfying 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge about beauty products! I’m all about less can be so much better for our health. Thanks again!

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