Chinese New Year: 9 Auspicious Tips For A Prosperous Year Of The Dog

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on 15 February 2018

Kung Hei Fat Choi! (Happy Chinese New Year!) Auspiciousness is very important at Chinese New Year because the start of Chinese New Year determines your fortune for the rest of the year.

Follow our nine Auspicious Customs of Chinese New Year and get a great start to the Year of the Dog!

1. Dress in Red! Good Luck Will Shine From Head To Toe

Red is associated with joy, happiness, good luck, wealth and good fortune. It also symbolises fire and it can ward off evil spirits. Dressing in red on the first day of the New Year will bring you good luck for the rest of the year!

2. Smile & Smile! Let Only Good Words Come From Your Mouth

Greeting everyone you see with a big smile and a blessing will bring you happiness and an upbeat spirit for the New Year. Don’t say any bad words.

Here’s a tip if you speak Cantonese. Avoid the following words, which are pronounced the same as some bad words: the number “4” sounds the same as “dead”, “book” sounds the same as “lose”, “shoes” sounds the same as a “sigh”. So watch what you say, or an evil spirit will follow you for the rest of the year!

3. Give Thanks To The Spirits! Pray for Good Fortune In The New Year

During Chinese New Year, locals go to the temple to give thanks for the past 12 months and pray for good fortune in the New Year. To plan ahead for the New Year, follow the locals and draw the fortune sticks to get a glimpse of your luck in the New Year.Auspicious Tips

4. Watch A Lion Dance! Get Good Energy In The New Year

The lion signifies courage, stability and superiority. In the lion dance performance, the lion moves to the musical rhythm of the drum and mimic various moods with its movements, which make it look life-like. To absorb good energy from the lion, watch the lion dance and be as strong as a lion in the New Year! 

5. Looking For Mr Or Ms Right? Circle A Peach Blossom Tree To Find Your Partner

Peach blossoms symbolise luck in love. To attract this luck, walk around a peach blossom tree three times in a clockwise direction. Your Mr. or Ms. Right is bound to show up in the New Year.

6. Place A Tangerine Tree At Home For Good Luck and Fortune In The New Year

In Chinese, the character and pronunciation of “Tangerine” and “Luck” are the same, and the colour of tangerines is a bit like gold. This makes it the perfect auspicious item for a business person. People who do business will have a tangerine tree at home or at the shop front to wish for “great luck, great profit” in the New Year.

Chinese New Year7. Spin Away The Bad Luck and attract Good Luck With A Pinwheel

So last year wasn’t that great? Get a Pinwheel!

According to Chinese customs, spinning a pinwheel wards off bad luck, and brings good fortune. “Spinning” in Chinese has the same meaning as “change”, so by spinning the wheel, you can “change” your luck from bad to good. 

8. Bring Warm Blessings To Your House With Hand-Written Fai Chun

Fai Chun is red paper with phrases wishing good luck, prosperity and other blessings. People stick Fai Chun on the door to make the coming year a fruitful and lucky one.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand Chinese, because the golden writing by the calligraphy master is sure to be appropriate and makes it an art piece to be showcased at home, giving your home an authentic touch.chinese new year writing

9. Decorate Your House With Red For A Jubilant Festive Atmosphere

For Chinese people, red is associated with “happiness and good fortune”. If you decorate your house in red, it means good fortune and happiness will stay in your home.

During Chinese New Year, people visit relatives and friends. Your home decorations will give your home a jubilant festive atmosphere and your guests a warm blessing for a Happy New Year.Chinese New Year: 9 Auspicious Tips For A Prosperous Year Of The Dog

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