AKASO Brave 7 Review: Tiny And Tough Action Camera

By Women Love Tech
on 11 March 2024

From skiing to underwater activities like diving, the AKASO Brave 7 camera is tiny and tough, performing well in all environments. Most importantly, the small camera delivers clear video images with decent stability and fun time lapse features.

To test it out, we asked Jesse, an 18-year-old sports enthusiast to trial the camera and the verdict was that while it didn’t provide the same quality as GoPro, it was still good value given the lower price of $US150 compared to upwards of $US400 for the Hero9.

“The quality of the images and videos is slightly worse, and the stability of videos is not as good,” said Jesse. “The main downfall of the camera when it comes to performance is the audio. The microphone quality is no where near up to par with a GoPro camera. Having said that, this is not the most important factor as users purchasing this camera are very rarely going to be using it for anything that requires audio. It will mainly be used for extreme sports and will likely be purchased by people on a budget; however, it is still something to consider.

“I personally experienced some touch screen glitches when using it in the water, but this was easily resolved thanks to the ease of use of the buttons to navigate around the camera.”

For the design:

The design of the camera is sleek and looks sharp. The build quality of the camera is good for a budget camera.

Jesse said a positive feature of the camera’s design is the front-end screen. “Not all action cameras have this, and it makes a big difference to what you are able to film,” adds Jesse. “In my experience it is a struggle to film selfie style shots and videos on action cameras without a front screen, so I believe this is a desirable feature for a lower priced action camera.”

Another design benefit is not having a built-in battery. “After years of skiing, I learned that camera batteries do not do well in the cold,” said Jesse. “I would end up trying to stuff my whole camera in my pockets to keep it warm. With the AKASO Brave 7, the ability to just keep a small battery in a warm pocket and switch it out when the first battery dies is very useful.”

For the overall user experience:

Start to finish, this camera is easy and convenient to use. The set up of the camera takes minutes and the accessories are all self-explanatory. Comparing it to the GoPro, the camera is very similar to get going. They are both just as easy to use, to set up and to attach accessories.

For the cost:

Overall, this camera is good value for money. It has proven to perform well for its purpose of an action camera, while having a decent design and being easy to use. The cost of accessories are fairly priced in comparison to competitors such as GoPro and are also built to a similar quality. This camera is definitely one of the best budget to mid-range action cameras on the market.

For More Information: www.akasotech.com


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