Alienware And Dell Gaming Launch New Products At E3

By Women Love Tech
on 12 June 2018

When we think of the word “gamer”, we no longer think of a socially outcast teenage boy spending hours in his room gaming and making a mess. Or a man in his late 20s or early 30s still living with his parents. Today’s gamers are very diverse – they’re your coworkers with two kids, or the woman who works out with you at the gym, or your spouse, sibling or friend. Or, maybe you’re a gamer yourself! Both Alienware and Dell Gaming have been at the forefront of this gaming revolution for years now, and both companies are showing their commitment to gamers with the introduction of new hardware, Esport partnerships and Community Programs, to be revealed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018 this week in Los Angeles.

Some of the new launches include:

  • New Alienware Wireless Gaming Headset.
  • Next-gen Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse.
  • New Inspiron Gaming Desktop with 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen™ processors.

There will also be an Alienware Academy online training platform with Tobii and Team Liquid featured skill-based video lessons, custom training challenges and performance feedback
for players to take their game to the next level. Alienware and Dell Gaming will also invite the PC gaming community to earn Arena Rewards Points and Dell Advantage Rewards by signing up for Alienware Arena App.

Can gaming save the world? Alienware and Dell Gaming certainly believe that! An extensive survey of 5,763 video game players in 11 countries, commissioned by Dell, found that fewer than one in in 10 gamers feel either “judged,” “childish” or “embarrassed” being called a “gamer.” Instead, they consider “gamer” a positive label and feel “fun” (35%), “cool” (29%), or “excited” (26%) as a result. The survey also showed that a majority gamers are well-rounded with interests in music, sports, traveling and socializing. Gaming is also no longer a sexist “boy’s club” (only 14% of gamers globally concerned about the gender of their rivals). In general, gamers welcome anyone skilled behind the computer. According to the survey, culture/ethnicity, political views, and sexual orientation are for the most part inconsequential to a player. What matters most is the other gamer’s skill level (40%).

It’s a great idea, on the part of Alienware and Dell Gaming, to take all the negative connotations associated with gaming, and portraying it for what it really is – a way for people to creatively engage with the world and their peers.

New Dell Inspiron desktop

The Inspiron Gaming Desktop is now available in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China and South Korea, with prices starting from US $849.

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