How One Woman is Using Technology to Revolutionise the Beauty Industry

Marie-Antoinette Issa
on 17 November 2023

Chrystal Graves, the founder of Liquid Hair Institute, is using technology to revolutionise the beauty industry. Women Love Tech recently chatted with her about the all-in-one salon management and coaching platform she created, which leverages technology to enhance customer experience and engagement while shaping the future of a more inclusive beauty industry.

Hair today … and more tommorrow

Liquid Hair Institute, formerly All Hair Academy, emerged from Chrystal’s deep-seated passion for addressing the challenges faced by salon owners. Drawing on her extensive 14-year experience as a salon owner and her role as a coach for over 300 stylists in the last two years, the platform’s primary aim is to equip salon owners with the tools and resources needed to streamline their business operations and elevate the customer experience. 

“By harnessing the power of technology, Liquid Hair Institute has developed a system that not only enhances business understanding, pricing, and scheduling but also enriches the overall guest experience,” say Chrystal.

Liquid Hair Institute is an all-encompassing salon management and coaching platform, aiding salon owners in their quests to build both profitable and inclusive beauty enterprises.

“These transformative technologies are reshaping the beauty industry by allowing clients to virtually try on different hairstyles and colours, leading to a heightened consultation experience and increased customer engagement.”

Let’s get physical… and virtual

In an industry deeply rooted in the tactile experience of products and services, Chrystal believes that a platform such as Liquid Hair Institute has the a power to fill the gap between the physical and virtual worlds. “For example, Liquid Hair Institute is planning to set up stations in licensed salons where customers can touch and feel products, preserving the industry’s tactile nature while harnessing the benefits of AR and VR.”

According to Chrystal, data and analytics around VR in the beauty industry can also prove to be particularly indispensable tools for improving product recommendations and enhancing customer experiences on the platform. “Liquid Hair Institute continues to closely monitor customer preferences, styles chosen, and products used, allowing for tailored recommendations for each client. Furthermore, the data helps manage inventory to ensure adequate stocking of the preferred products. The platform also employs AI and machine learning tools to analyse clients’ hair and face types, providing personalised recommendations and treatments.”

Under the leadership of Chrystal, Liquid Hair Institute remains dedicated to making the beauty industry inclusive and accessible to everyone. “The platform incorporates features like voice commands for users with disabilities and subtitles for the hearing impaired. This commitment to inclusivity ensures that beauty is accessible to individuals of all technology proficiencies and physical capabilities,” says Chrystal.

Furthermore, according to Chrystal, as technology continues to evolve, AI, AR, VR in the beauty industry stand out as the trends that are poised to have the most significant impact on both professionals and the customer.

Free apps for hairstyle beauty makeovers

“AI-powered tools are designed to assist salon owners in making informed business decisions, while AR and VR are already transforming customer consultations and engagements,” says Chrystal. “The Liquid Hair Institute platform is continually exploring these technologies through partnerships. And our goal is to partner with Renatural and Healium to deliver these experiences” she adds. 

And although Chrystal recognises that integrating advanced AR and VR features presents challenges such as ensuring a seamless user experience and addressing accessibility issues, the benefits are substantial. These technologies enhance customer engagement, make interactions more enjoyable, and provide valuable data for personalised services, all of which can significantly impact the beauty industry.

All of Chrystal’s own favourite apps

Among her favourite hair styling apps, Chrystal lists Helium which provides an immersive AR and VR experience”, and Red Natural, a platform that sends customised wigs to users. “These apps are appreciated for their innovative approach to enhancing customer engagement and delivering personalised experiences,” she says. An aim she is sure to use to continue to making Liquid Hair Institute the best in the hair and beauty business!

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