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Allpress Espresso Launches Flavour Finder Mobile Platform Worldwide

Allpress Espresso Launches Flavour Finder Mobile Platform Worldwide

Australians love coffee – we know that. Who doesn’t like a well-brewed, well-sourced, delicious, and interestingly-flavoured cup of coffee, right? Now imagine if, while sipping or buying your coffee, you could also learn about the composition of the specific coffee you’ve chosen? And imagine if there was a simple mobile platform to help you do this. Allpress Espresso – artisanal coffee makers, roasters, and espresso specialists – have now also gotten into the tech space, by enabling you to do just that, with the development of the Allpress Flavour Finder.

The second-prize winner at the prestigious Best Design Awards 2018, the Allpress Flavour Finder is a mobile interactive platform used as an educational tool to enhance the experience of coffee enthusiasts – whether you’re a wholesale customer, a café regular, or an Allpress coffee drinker – when you’re tasting coffee from the Allpress range. As most online platforms these days, it also works as a tool to gather valuable data on your preferences and the way you taste coffee. The Flavour Finder invites you (i.e. the coffee drinkers) to consider what you’re tasting and help you learn more about the composition and characteristics of your chosen brew.

Great coffee and innovative technology aren’t all they’re doing; the company has also announced two new upcoming sustainable coffee cup solutions – the Arita Porcelain Cup and the PLA reusable cup.

According to the company, the Arita Porcelain Cup was created as a piece that celebrated Allpress’ collaborative nature and connection to Tokyo, while the PLA reusable cup was developed as a low-cost, sustainable option.

They’ve also undergone a recent global packaging redesign, which aims to “create a powerful identity for each coffee blend.” By renaming the blends, Allpress hopes to connect people to the range, represent the intention of each coffee, and reflect the universal promise and experience each coffee delivers.

We’ll drink a cup o’ joe to that!

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