Apple AirPods Pro Review: New Design, Better Audio, Longer Battery Life

By Emeric Brard
on 31 October 2019

To say that the first model of AirPods was a hit would be an understatement. Apple has taken it a step further with a whole new design, noise cancellation, better sound quality, transparency features, and improved performance and battery life.

AirPods Pro, Apple

New Design

The previous design looked very much like Apple had taken their regular earphones and snipped the wires off. It was simple and it worked. This time around, Apple has changed the whole look. People have described it as looking like the peashooter from Plants vs Zombies…

Or a hairdryer. I can see it.

All that aside, the design does look brighter and crisper, and in the end what really matters is how it fits and what it sounds like. The narrower and more oval design is done to make that comfortability possible; that snug in-ear feeling rather than the “sitting in your ear” feeling.

AirPods Pro, earphones

Noise Cancellation

A clever feature added to the new model and one that could prove to be extremely useful. By combining two microphones, one outward-facing and the other inward-facing, and new advanced software, background noise has seemingly been removed from the conversation. Perfect for those long flights with that one crying baby who just won’t stop. It’s also what consumers have come to expect with today’s modern technology.

Immersive Sound

Another extra feature is Immersive Sound, and what this does is essentially produce a better quality of audio with Adaptive EQ which automatically tunes the low- and mid-frequencies to make it clearer and smoother than ever before.


Transparency mode

Of course, it’s well and good to listen to your music without the annoying background noise, but what we want to avoid is getting lost in a song while crossing the street, only to get hit by a bus. With Transparency Mode, you can still enjoy your music while being aware of your immediate surroundings without fearing of being flattened by a 10-wheeler.

Performance & Battery Life

Like the previous model, the AirPod Pros also have the H1 chip at its core. This makes for a stronger performance and allows for the new features listed above, as well as the hands-free “Hey Siri” voice commands.

AirPods Pro

You’ll get up to four and a half hours of listening time and up to three and a half hours of talking time with one charge. In total there is the capacity for 24 hours of listening and 18 hours of talk time with additional charges throughout the day.

If You’re Sporty…

The AirPod Pros are perfect for your active lifestyle. Whether it be running, walking, or cycling, they’re now sweat- and water-resistant.

At AUD$399, do you think they’re worth the price?

For more details, check out the Apple website.

All images have been provided by Apple.

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