Apple Fitness+ Has A New Workout Program For Those Who’ve Just Had A Baby

Pamela Connellan
on 5 April 2022

Apple Fitness+ has just released a new workout program for anyone who’s recently had a baby and it’s called Get Back to Fitness After Having a Baby. The program has a series of Core, Strength and Mindful Cooldown workouts designed to help new mothers feel stronger and more energetic as they take on the daily demands of parenthood, including carrying a baby, lifting a car seat, pushing a pram, and yeah – a lot more. 

The program begins with a Core workout which will help create a foundation for building core strength. The focus of this workout is on breathing, gentle core moves and pelvic floor work to help users reconnect to their core. The second Core workout is designed to help users keep building up ab and back strength. 

There are also upper-body, lower-body, and total-body Strength workouts which use one light to medium dumbbell or just body weight.

The Mindful Cooldowns include stretches which target common post-pregnancy tight spots, plus meditations that focuses on themes like patience and self-care.

The new program will be led by Fitness+ trainer – and new mum – Betina Gozo, who also led the prenatal workout program called Stay Active During Pregnancy. Betina is joined by Fitness+ trainers and fellow mums, Marimba Gold-Watts and Jonelle Lewis. 

Marimba will be showing modifications to the program which might be best for those who want to take it a bit slower and stick to the basics.  

Jonelle will be demonstrating modifications which will suit those who stayed active during pregnancy and have the energy to push it a bit more. 

There are exercise options throughout to help users feel more comfortable, no matter what type of delivery they had. Apple Fitness+ says the program encourages users to listen to their body, take the workouts at their own pace, and do what they can, when they can.

The workouts are all 10 minutes long and can be done on their own, stacked together, or with studio workouts from the Fitness+ library, using the modifications from this program when needed.

Apple Fitness+
The new program from Apple Fitness+ is called Get Back to Fitness After Having a Baby. It’s led by Fitness+ trainer – and new mum – Betina Gozo, who also led the prenatal workout program called Stay Active During Pregnancy.

Stay Active During Pregnancy
Another Apple Fitness+ program for those having a baby is the Stay Active During Pregnancy workout. This workout was launched in April last year and it focuses on helping women stay active during a healthy pregnancy.

The Stay Active During Pregnancy program consists of 10 workouts across Strength, Core, and Mindful Cooldown. It’s led by Fitness+ trainer Betina Gozo, who was pregnant at the time of filming. She’s joined by trainers and fellow mums Emily Fayette and Anja Garcia.

Each workout is 10 minutes long and is designed to accommodate all stages of pregnancy and any fitness level. Each workout include tips for modifying exercises using a pillow for comfort as the body changes. 

These workouts can be done on their own, stacked together, or mixed with Fitness+ weekly studio workouts, using the modifications shown in the series.

About Apple Fitness+: Apple Fitness+ is a fitness and wellness service powered by Apple Watch to help users live a healthier day. Subscribers have access to a library of workout content in 4K Ultra High Definition with studio-style workouts and meditations, led by an inclusive team of trainers. 

Apple Fitness+ has workout programs with custom content designed to guide users through important times in their lives. An Artist Spotlight series has playlists by music artists and Collections includes curated content from the Fitness+ library. Users can also access audio experiences including Time to Walk which features interesting and influential people, and Time to Run, which is designed to help users become more consistent and better runners. 

Apple Fitness+ is available for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV as a subscription service. For more info about Apple Fitness+ visit here. Or to find out more about the Apple Fitness+ Get Back to Fitness After Having a Baby workout, visit here.

For more about Apple Fitness+ from Women Love Tech, visit here.


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