Apple Launches Mesh Style HomePod Mini Speaker With LED Touch Surface

Ines Besbes
on 30 October 2020

Apple has announced its newest version of its HomePod smart speaker: the HomePod mini. At just under 8.5 centimetres tall, the HomePod mini is priced at A$149. The device is a smaller version of the HomePod. It is a ball-like design with a mesh material and a LED touch surface on the top.

What you need to know about the Apple HomePod Mini?

HomePod mini

Date and Prices

The HomePod Mini will cost $149 in Australia. It will go on pre-order at midnight November 7 and will be on sale from November 13.


HomePod mini
HomePod mini

The HomePod mini is a sphere, standing under 3.3-inches tall (83mm).

The top of the HomePod mini is flattened, with a LED display on the top. It will respond to touch controls, as well as lighting up when talking to Siri.

It will come in two colours, space grey and white mesh covering.

Inside the new HomePod mini, the driver fires downwards to spread the sound through a full 360-degrees. This should give an equal performance no matter where you place it and where you stand.


HomePod mini
HomePod mini

It is able to recognise multiple voices, deliver personalised daily updates, and discover smart home accessories. With the integration to the Apple Home app, it will also be able to control other smart home devices (e.g. dim the lights, lock the doors, change the temperature) 

Seamlessly transfer music onto your HomePod mini when you enter through the door.

A full voice control with Siri is integrated. You will be able to request your music, from services like Apple Music, TuneIn and later on, Amazon Music.

With the U1 chip in the iPhone, the HomePod mini will know where you are. It will seamlessly transfer music onto your HomePod mini when you enter through the door. If two HomePod minis are in the same room, they will automatically pair to form a stereo group.

An Intercom function has been incorporated. This works in a similar fashion to Broadcast on the Amazon Echo, allowing you to talk between devices.

It will support all the smart speaker functions you’d expect such as music alarms, Find My to help locate your iPhone, Watch, iPad or Mac…


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