Apple Says Independent Repairers Can Now Fix Your Phone

Pamela Connellan
on 1 April 2021

Next time you smash your iPhone on the bathroom tiles or you drive off with it still lying on top of the car, you won’t need to worry quite so much. This is because Apple has just announced its Independent Repairers program is expanding to many more countries so you won’t have to go to the Apple Shop to repair your phone – you can take it to your local repairer as long as they’re certified – and still keep your warranty.

Apple still has a commanding share of the smart phone market the world over. In US and Australia, around 50% of smartphones are Apple with the next closest being Samsung. But this doesn’t mean we’ve been happy with the fact that up until now, we’ve had to go to the Apple shop to repair our iPhone. But thankfully all of this has changed with Apple’s announcement it will allow independent repairers to fix the iPhone in more countries.

Apple Repairer

Apple is expanding its Independent Repair Provider program globally and this means it will provide other repairers access to genuine parts, tools, repair manuals and diagnostics for out-of-warranty repairs. The independent Repair Provider program will soon be available in more than 200 countries, nearly every country where Apple products are sold.

Launched originally in 2019 and expanded to Europe and Canada last year, there are now more than 1500 Independent Repair Provider locations serving customers across the US, Canada, and Europe.

There’s no cost to join Apple’s Independent Repair Provider program but to qualify, repair providers need to have an Apple-certified technician on board who can perform the repairs. The process for certification is simple and free of charge. Qualifying repair providers can purchase genuine Apple parts and tools at the same price as AASPs and receive free access to training, repair manuals and diagnostics.

So now there’s no real excuse for not getting the screen on your iPhone fixed…

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