Are Smart Fridges the Next Best Thing?

By Women Love Tech
on 25 October 2017

Internet fridges are on the rise and seems to be the next big thing. These new models of refrigerator has been programmed to sense what kind of products are being stored inside it and keeping track of the stocks through barcodes or RFID scanning. But are they a “best buy”?

2017 is totally the year of rising smart home devices because of the continuing development of artificial intelligence and bigger touchscreens. Who would have thought that we will soon be experiencing talking fridges right?

Smart Fridges for Smart Homes

A lot of companies these days have invested on improving their wide range of refrigerators. Samsung have announced a whole range of internet-connected boxes and LG is making a big play as well. However, it’s the latter that makes the smartest fridges because LG’s InstaView fridge have Amazon’s Alexa built in.

The Intelli-fridge have been touted as first-rate consumer devices and it only needs few eye-opening applications. Want a recipe? it’s just one click away to search in the web. Want food? Just use your phone to have it delivered. You see, smart fridges are built to make it easy for us.

Smart Fridge: Is it a “Best Buy”?

However, it is a big question if this innovation is a “best buy”. One fact that it will cost a lot of organs to be donated (just kidding!), not everyone can afford to have it. Smart fridges like Samsung costs about $6,000 while LG cost more.

Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge

Both brands, Samsung and LG brought their latest smart fridge innovation top of the notch. In terms of features, both are pretty comparable: from touchscreen, to cameras, voice control and apps used. You can check out the respective features here:

 Less Stress Smart Home

Basically,  smart home technology is within the reach for anyone who wants it. Technology have redefined our way of living: less stress, good living. The list of smart products ranges from refrigerators, to air conditioners and thermostats, televisions, washing machines, security systems and etc. never ends.

This only prove that people are embracing various kinds of innovations and it’s hard to name a device or an appliance that can’t be connected to the internet and controlled remotely with smart speaker or smart phones.

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