ASOS Now Exclusively Offers Horizon Forbidden West Inspired Apparel

By Mary Grace
on 2 November 2022

ASOS Now Exclusively Offers Horizon Forbidden West Inspired Apparel

There is no need for weaving or other forms of handiwork. PlayStation Australia recently revealed fashion is coming to the Forbidden West with the collaboration of Horizon Raw Materials and ASOS.

Unlike Aloy’s in-game attire, which is designed with her safety and survival in mind, the ASOS collaboration is geared toward providing Horizon fans with casual, comfortable clothes. This collection of unisex clothing for gaming and streetwear includes a selection of joggers, hoodies, and shirts that may be worn together as matching sets or separately as individual items.

Despite being highly influenced by the game, there are recognizable features and nuances from Aloy’s appearance that can be seen in Horizon key art or graphic novels. 

This source of inspiration has been meticulously reimagined as a streetwear collection that has versatile pieces that can be worn in a wide range of fresh and interesting ways. As you explore the Forbidden West, ultra-soft shirts and cozy joggers will make for the ideal attire for a lengthy gaming session.

The collection will be made available for purchase under Guerrilla Games’ merchandising brand known as Horizon Raw Materials.

Prices will vary from $52 to $152. It is available now in Europe (EU), the United Kingdom (UK), Japan, and Asia (including Australia), and in the United States (US) in early 2023.

Rather than dropping your shards at your nearest merchant, you can find the whole collection on ASOS here.

Check out Guerrilla’s Instagram and Tiktok pages over the next period to join in on styling challenges and other fun activities related to the collection’s launch! For more information on the new collection, visit 

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